Mitch McConnell Makes Things Worse By Dodging Health Questions

While speaking on the Senate floor, Sen. Mitch McConnell only made a passing and vague reference to recent freezing in front of reporters. McConnell is not helping his situation.

McConnell said, “At one particular moment of my time back home has received its fair share of attention in the press over the past week. But I assure you, August was a busy and productive month for me and my staff back in the commonwealth.”


Mitch McConnell might not want to discuss his health issue, but he is a public official. McConnell owes the American people an explanation for what is going on. His refusal to directly address the issue is leading to more questions and speculation. With McConnell being 81 years old, there is no good answer. Either the Senate Minority Leader has another health issue or is struggling with post-concussion effects. Either way, McConnell’s issue is impacting his ability to do his job, which is why he made the comment about having such a productive time back home in Kentucky.

Sen. McConnell keeps providing letters from doctors telling the American people what isn’t wrong, but that’s not the question. The question is, what’s wrong?

Senate Republicans are going along with McConnell’s downplaying of the situation, but it would be better for everyone if Mitch McConnell would be honest and transparent.

Otherwise, the questions will only grow louder.

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