Mathew Hayden and daughter take XUV700 for a high-speed spin on Mahindra’s Chennai test track [Video]

Mahindra is among the few auto brands in India that haven’t engaged any brand ambassador for its lineup of passenger vehicles. Nevertheless, the former Australian cricketer and current cricket commentator, Matthew Hayden, previously associated with Mahindra as its brand ambassador in his home country, Australia, has been promoting Mahindra products like Scorpio-N and Pik-Up. Recently, Hayden was spotted driving the brand’s flagship SUV, the XUV700, at Mahindra’s test track in Chennai, accompanied by his daughter.

A few weeks ago, Mahindra Australia’s official YouTube channel uploaded a video showcasing Matthew Hayden and his daughter, Grace Hayden, testing the driving dynamics of the Mahindra XUV700 at the brand’s test facility in Chennai. The father-daughter duo competed by covering laps in the XUV700, undertaking a series of tests including slalom driving (zig-zagging between triangular poles), navigating roundabouts, and driving through fast stretches.

During this comprehensive lap covering all three tests, Grace Hayden completed the course in 55:02 seconds, while Matthew Hayden finished in 56:13 seconds. Both the father and daughter praised the dynamic performance of the XUV700, commending its agility in handling turns, corners, and high-speed stretches. Although it wasn’t specified whether the XUV700 driven by Hayden was a petrol or diesel version, both variants demonstrate equally impressive dynamic abilities.

Mathew Hayden and daughter take XUV700 for a high-speed spin on Mahindra’s Chennai test track [Video]

State of the art facility

Located in Kanchipuram near Chennai, Mahindra’s state-of-the-art vehicle testing facility is utilized to assess the performance of its vehicles across various terrains and simulations. The testing facility boasts 20 purpose-built tracks, including a zero per cent high-speed test track featuring a 43.7-degree parabolic banking and a 2 km long straight stretch with zero per cent longitudinal slope.

The facility also houses a circular dynamic platform spanning 250 metres in diameter, a braking pad with six different surfaces, a highway durability track, a simulated city track, an accelerated test track incorporating obstacles like potholes and speed breakers, and a 4×4 adventure track with over 25 obstacles designed for testing off-road driving capabilities. Mahindra utilizes this facility to refine the driving dynamics of all its new-generation offerings across diverse surfaces and conditions.

The Mahindra XUV700 stands out as one of the highest-selling SUVs in the Indian car market. It comes equipped with a 2.0-litre 200 PS turbocharged petrol engine and a 2.2-litre 185 PS diesel engine, available with both 6-speed manual and 6-speed automatic transmissions. Additionally, an all-wheel-drive version is offered as an option with the diesel-automatic powertrain.

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