Marjorie Taylor Greene Called On To Resign After Democrats Humiliate Her

Marjorie Taylor Greene was called on to resign from Congress after Democrats took away her power and humiliated her on her plot to oust Mike Johnson.

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After their weekly caucus meeting the House Democratic leadership said in a statement, “At this moment, upon completion of our national security work, the time has come to turn the page on this chapter of Pro-Putin Republican obstruction. We will vote to table Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Motion to Vacate the Chair. If she invokes the motion, it will not succeed.”

Rep. Eric Swalwell has called on Greene to resign, “It’s over. How can Marjorie Taylor Greene remain in Congress? She has lost all credibility. Competence and community beat chaos and corruption. Greene should resign immediately.”

Greene responded to the Democratic statement with a threat:

If the Democrats want to elect him Speaker (and some Republicans want to support the Democrats’ chosen Speaker), I’ll give them the chance to do it.

I’m a big believer in recorded votes because putting Congress on record allows every American to see the truth and provides transparency to our votes.

Americans deserve to see the Uniparty on full display. I’m about to give them their coming out party!

Democrats won’t have to vote for Mike Johnson. House Democrats are going to join with Republicans in voting to table Greene’s motion to vacate.

What Greene calls the uni-party is nothing more than the vast majority of the House rejecting chaos.

Marjorie Taylor Greene has been outmaneuvered and humiliated. Greene won’t resign, and her rural north Georgia district won’t reject her.

Mike Johnson learned from the Kevin McCarthy fiasco. Johnson hasn’t lied to Democrats. He kept his word on their agreement on the foreign aid bills. He has shown Democrats that he can be talked to and worked with at a basic level, so now the House is going to come together to put the Chaos Caucus and Marjorie Taylor Greene in their place.

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