Man Found Sleeping In The Boot Of A Moving Maruti Dzire [Video]

Imagine you are traveling somewhere, and on the way, you see a car in front with its boot open. What would you do? You’ll try to honk and make them aware, right? Well, this is exactly what this person did on the road. However, what happened next was something that nobody expected. The recently shared video that has gone viral shows a Maruti Dzire’s boot being opened during a normal traffic jam, and it was seen that there was a person who was sleeping in it very comfortably.

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Man sleeps in the boot of a taxi

This video, which has gained a lot of popularity on social media, has been shared on Reddit. In this short video, a Maruti Suzuki Dzire sedan taxi is seen being driven slowly in front of a car during a regular traffic jam. What happens next is that the boot of the car opens. Following this, the people behind the Dzire who were recording this video honk multiple times to make the driver of the car aware. However, the car drives for a few moments before the driver of the car behind was just about to go and close the boot. The video looks like it was shot in Bangalore.

Man Found Sleeping In The Boot Of A Moving Maruti Dzire [Video]

What happens next is that after the car stops once again, the driver of the Maruti Suzuki Dzire comes out and fully opens the trunk. It then reveals that a person is sleeping inside the trunk with a blanket on. After the boot was open, the driver has a conversation with the person in the boot and tells him about the traffic jam. Soon after this, the person sleeping understands the situation and goes back to sleep with the trunk closed as if nothing happened.

Is it legal?

Well, technically, there is nothing illegal about sleeping in the boot of the car if the person sleeping has done it by their will. However, if it is safe or not is the bigger question. And the answer to this is that it is definitely not safe. The primary reason is that there is a very small probability but still a probability of a rear-end accident, and this small accident can cause huge damage to the person and the car. This could even result in death if the impact is due to high speed. So, we advise that people should not do such risky things as that small nap could turn into a one last sleep in no time.

Man Found Sleeping In The Boot Of A Moving Maruti Dzire [Video]

How can you sleep in the car safely?

If you are one of those people who want to try sleeping in their car to check it out, then there are a number of ways. The first is that you can get an overhead camping setup and set it up on the roof of your car. A lot of off-roading enthusiasts prefer this setup when they go on different camping adventures. Apart from this, you can also buy a rear seat mattress specific to your car and set it up in your car. For this, you’ll have to first find a good parking spot, then set up your mattress and enjoy a good night’s sleep.

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