Man And Pet Dog Tour India On Royal Enfield Classic 500 With Sidecar [Video]

The love humans possess for dogs is immeasurable. Over the years of evolution, these four-legged creatures have proved their loyalty to us and have loved us back. Now, recently, showing a very deep bond shared by a person with his dog, a video has been shared on the internet. In this video, a man was seen riding his Royal Enfield Classic 500 with a sidecar. Inside the sidecar, instead of a human being, was his dog, who he is taking on an India tour on this bike.


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This unique video showing the dog and the man’s friendship has been shared on Instagram by Coimbatore Mapala on their page. It starts off with a person sitting behind a rider on a motorcycle recording a Royal Enfield Classic 500 riding on the road with a sidecar. Soon after this, the recorder and his friend ride beside the Royal Enfield rider, and he shows a peace sign.

Most likely after this interaction, they asked him to pull over on the side of the road to have a chat. Following which, the Royal Enfield Classic 500 rider opens the cover of the sidecar and shows his beloved dog who was chilling inside. He then pats his dog, and the dog can be seen standing and then readjusting and once again getting cozy in his bed made by the owner.

This dog’s name is Simba

Biker and dog in Royal Enfield

Upon further digging, we have found the name of the dog seen in the video. His name is Simba, and he has the username Simbathesmuggler. The profile states that his name is Simba, aka Sambhu Singh. The owner of the dog has shared numerous pictures of his dog and his Royal Enfield Classic 500 motorcycle with the sidecar.

Netizens’ reactions

Biker and dog in sidecar

This unique video shared on Instagram has garnered over 4.53 lakh likes and over 2300 comments. A number of people have shared their thoughts on this true friendship. Most of the comments are about the admirers of this dog and the owner and have asked to know more about his story.

Dogs are smart

Just a few days ago, another video of a dog was shared here on Cartoq. The unique thing about this dog was from Goa, and he did not need any sidecar to tag along. He instead was a hitchhiker himself and hitchhiked his way by jumping on random bikes and scooters to move throughout the city of Goa.

Stray dog hitchhike

This heartwarming unique video has been shared on Instagram. The person recording the video shows a street dog sitting on his friend’s scooter, and he then explains how he came and sat there.

The post was shared with the caption stating, “So we picked (more like he hitchhiked) him from the hilltop to Noronhas, he patiently waited until we finished food, sat on the bike again, and came till Mango tree.”

Arun added, “Again hitchhiked on someone’s superbike sitting on the tank, returned and again sat on someone else’s Activa and went for a jolly ride. I like to think he is a true wanderlust and loves traveling around the night exploring Goa.” More on it here.

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