Mahindra Thar Owner Drives Through River To Escape Traffic Jam In Himachal Pradesh [Video]

Every year, during the winter holidays of Christmas and New Year, tourists swarm popular vacation spots across the country. One of the most popular locations for these tourists is Himachal Pradesh. However, not all tourists are law-abiding citizens, and they cause havoc in the places they visit. Back in December of last year, a video went viral on the internet that showed how a tourist drove a Mahindra Thar SUV across a river in Himachal Pradesh just to avoid some traffic.

The video of this tourist driving his Mahindra Thar in a river has been shared on YouTube by NDTV on their channel. In the video, a Mahindra Thar lifestyle off-roader SUV was seen being driven in a river. It was noted that this SUV was traveling towards the opposite side of the flow of the river. Hence, it was being driven very slowly. The video then shows the Thar coming out of the river and getting on the land where a few people were making videos.

Where did it happen, and who was driving the Thar?

Mahindra Thar Owner Drives Through River To Escape Traffic Jam In Himachal Pradesh [Video]

This incident happened back in December of last year, and it was reported that it took place in the river Chandra of Lahaul and Spiti. A police investigation was started on this incident, and it was reported that the vehicle had been identified and issued a challan. The name of the person doing this was not revealed. Commenting on the situation, SP Mayank Chaudhry stated, “Recently, a video went viral in which a Thar is crossing the river Chandra in District Lahaul Spiti. The said vehicle has been challenged under the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, and to ensure that no one commits such an offense in the future, the district police have deployed police personnel at the said place.”

Not the first tourist incident

The above-mentioned incident from Himachal Pradesh is not an isolated incident. There have been numerous such incidents where tourists have taken their vehicles to places where they should not have. Back in July of last year, another case was reported where a group of six men from Delhi decided to put their Mahindra Thar SUV in the river Ganga to wash it and take selfies with the car in the middle of the river.

The case of these six people driving their Mahindra Thar into the river Ganga came forward from the Neel Dhara region in Haridwar. It was reported by the police team that when they reached the spot where these young men took their SUV in the river and were allegedly washing their SUV in the middle of the holy Ganga and taking selfies. The police authorities at the time stated that under the “Maryada” operation, they were issued a challan, and their Mahindra Thar was seized as well.

Toyota Fortuner fines on Goa beach

Apart from this, another case that gained popularity on social media was where a Toyota Fortuner driver and his friends were given a challan for driving on the beach. It was reported that a white Toyota Fortuner was taken on the beach by some tourists, and the video showed the police constables talking with the driver and his friends on the beach.

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