Mahindra Thar Driver Scares People: Arrested, Slapped With Rs 35K Fine

Social media is turning our society into a dangerous place. Every now and then, we see videos of people doing stupid things with cars. Most recently, a video of a Mahindra Thar with all black windows and no number plate has gone viral. The Thar driver in the video was seen scaring off people just for views, fun, and banter. However, taking note of this stupidity, it has now been reported by Noida police that a fine of Rs 35,000 has been issued to this car owner.

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Mahindra Thar Scaring Off Public

The video of this stupid act of scaring normal people on public roads was shared on Reddit. The original creator of this video is unknown. What happens in this short 7-second clip is that a blacked-out Mahindra Thar is creating havoc. It can be observed that all the windows have been tinted in dark black color, offering no visibility of the inside. Additionally, its number plate was also removed.

Instead of the registration number, the car’s number plate displayed “Gurjar.” The first part of this short clip shows this blacked-out Thar coming extremely close to a female traveler on the road. The girl was seen walking normally on the road, going in the right direction. However, this Thar comes directly in front of her, and she gets scared that it will hit her.

Thar driver scaring off people

Next up, this same scenario was repeated with another girl. This girl was also scared by the Mahindra Thar driver. Lastly, the video shows that a group of a few young men was walking on the side of the road. This time again, the Thar driver comes extremely close to them and scares them.

Rs 35,000 Fine Slapped

Soon after this video went viral on the internet, a user of X (formerly Twitter) reshared this clip on the platform. He wrote, “This vehicle with black glass number HR30Z4504 puts people’s lives in danger by doing dangerous stunts near Noida Amity University every day. Such anti-social elements who tease and harass girls by writing ‘Gurjar’ also bring a bad name to society. @Uppolice @noidapolice action is expected from you.”

Soon after this, it was reported by Noida police that an investigation has been started on this case. Following this, they followed with another tweet sharing the details of the fine levied on this particular Mahindra Thar. It can be noted that the police issued a total fine of Rs 35,000, which is a substantial amount.

As per the picture released, this Thar owner has been charged with violation of RC 39/192 MV Act, dangerous driving 184 MV Act, violation of traffic rules by the driver except the offenses mentioned in Section 184 a, b, d, e, f, and without any indication changing the alignment (MV Act 1988 S 119 R/W S 177 mentioned in Section 184 a, b, d, e, f).

Thar driver scring people on road

It has also been mentioned that this Thar had a faulty number plate (Section 192 read with Rule 51 of the CMV Rules 1989), tinted glass, and it was driving a vehicle in contravention of Section 3 or Section 4. Lastly, other charges include (MV Act 1988 S 4 R/W 181), disobedience of any lawful direction given by the authority (MV Act 1988 S 179 (1)), and violation of prescribed standards in relation to air pollution (Section 1988 MV Act).

Netizens’ Reactions

Following the release of the fine online, the netizens appreciated the quick response from Noida police. They stated that all such drivers should be immediately fined for their wrongdoings. The person who shared the post originally stated, “Thanks for your prompt action. We must set examples in society to maintain law and order.”

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