Liz Cheney Wrecks Trump’s Calls For Her To Be Criminally Prosecuted

Trump called for Liz Cheney to be criminally prosecuted, but the former vice chair of the 1/6 Committee called out his lie.

The former president called for Cheney to be criminally prosecuted on Truth Social, “SHE SHOULD BE PROSECUTED FOR WHAT SHE HAS DONE TO OUR COUNTRY! SHE ILLEGALLY DESTROYED THE EVIDENCE. UNREAL!!!”

Cheney responded:

Lying in all caps doesn’t make it true, Donald. You know you and your lawyers have long had the evidence.

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You know these are lies. You have had all the grand jury & J6 transcripts for many months. You’re trying to halt your 1/6 trial because your VP, WH counsel, WH aides, campaign & DOJ officials etc will testify against you. You’re afraid of the truth and you should be.

Trump has been making the bogus claim that 1/6 evidence was destroyed as part of his many claims that a vast conspiracy somehow framed him.

It is well known that the 1/6 Committee preserved and turned over all of its evidence to the DOJ once the investigation concluded: “The 1/6 Committee carefully preserved all of its evidence and turned it over to the Department of Justice when the investigation concluded. The committee also made the evidence available to their Senate Democratic counterparts.”

Trump and his lawyers have had access to all of the evidence collected by the 1/6 Committee. Donald Trump is making up a conspiracy to keep his supporters from ever learning about the vast mountain of evidence that points to his possible guilt for 1/6 related criminal activity.

The real reason why Donald Trump wants Liz Cheney prosecuted is that she helped to lead an investigation of him. The only thing that Cheney did wrong in Trump’s mind was attempt to hold him accountable.

The former president wants to discredit the 1/6 Committee prosecuting them. It is all a part of the revenge fantasy disguised as a presidential campaign that the Republican Party has enabled in 2024.

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