Legal Expert Says Robert Costello’s Cross Was A Kill Shot To Trump

Last updated on May 23rd, 2024 at 06:37 pm

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Andrew Weissmann said on MSNBC that Robert Costello delivered a kill shot, but it was to Trump, not the prosecution.

Weissmann said on Deadline: White House:

Robert Costello. If you are the prosecution, you had to be going. Thank you, that he was, it’s, I think he did provide a kill shot but not in the way that Fox News intended. This was devastating evidence. It, it was an exhibit to exactly what Michael Cohen had said was going on. It is so mob. It is exactly what happens in mob cases where you have lawyers sent in to find out. Are you cooperating? We really represent the boss. We’re trying to, that’s who we really are doing. That is what the jury could conclude.

Obviously, the witness said that’s not true. The problem for him is you were reading from the in black and white and Michael Collins said I didn’t trust him. I thought essentially he was, everything was gonna passed up to the president and there it was in black and white and that is why he didn’t hire him.


Costello was a disaster for Trump. Costello was the lawyer who was trying to manipulate Cohen for Trump. Costello had to sit there on cross examination and get confronted with the evidence that he was trying to get Cohen to keep quiet and be on Trump’s side.

Except for the fact that Fox News told Trump to do it, it is unclear why Costello was ever put on the stand. Fox News promised a kill shot, and kill shot was delivered, except it was to the defendant and may get Trump convicted.

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