Learn about Plants with this Flower Dissection Activity

Let’s learn all about the different parts of a flower with this fun flower dissection activity for kids!

parts of a flower spread out and labeled on a piece of paper for a flower dissection activity for kids
Kids will learn all about the parts of a flower with this flower dissection activity.

Flower dissection activity for kids

Whether you are doing a gardening unit at school or teaching your kids all about flowers, they will love this flower dissection activity.

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This week’s learning theme is all about plants. We got lots of rain last week and tons of flowers as a result. We decided to pick a few flowers so the kids could learn all about the different parts of a flower.

You will need flowers, paper, a pencil, tweezers, and scissors to do this flower dissection activity with kids
Gather flowers, paper, pencil, tweezers, and scissors for our flower dissection activity.

You can see all the different parts of a flower in the image below. Use this as a guide as you pull apart a flower with your kids.

parts of a flower image for use with flower dissection for kids
Learn about the parts of a flower with this easy flower dissection guide.

We didn’t use all the scientific terms, but my three-year-old had fun identifying the petals, the pollen, the stem, and the leaves. She loved looking into the stem and seeing the hole, like a straw, that sucks the water and nutrients into the flower.   We even tried using part of the stem as a straw.

a flower being dissected so that kids can learn all the different parts
Dissect your flower to reveal all of the different parts.

For older kids though you can teach them more about what the purpose of each part is and use the scientific terms.

Give the kids a magnifying glass so they can get a really close look at all the tiny parts, especially the seeds and pollen.

Don’t forget to let them shake a little pollen off the stamen.

Prep Time
5 minutes

Active Time
30 minutes

Total Time
35 minutes


Estimated Cost


  1. As you remove each part from the flower place it on the paper and write what the part is.
  2. Discuss with the kids what each of these parts are used for.

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Have you done this flower dissection activity with your kids? Did you find any tiny bugs in your flower like we did?

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