Kari Lake Admits In Legal Filing She Lied About Stolen Election

Kari Lake continues to tell Arizona voters that the election was stolen, while admitting the truth in court.


In a sudden shift, Kari Lake is now admitting she defamed Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer, her fellow Republican.

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Richer declared her decision a total victory for him and his fight to clear his name of the charges she made.

“It is now official that she accepts that all of that is a lie,’’ he told Capitol Media Services.

He said Lake knew she was lying because judges in other election cases she filed, challenging her loss in the 2022 race for governor, found no basis for either of her claims about deliberately missized ballots or fraudulent ballots inserted into the count. Democrat Katie Hobbs defeated Lake by 17,117 votes.

In a very Trumpian move, Lake admitted to defamation and lying about the 2022 election in court, but then released a video where she continued to lie to Republican voters.

Kari Lake is using the same tactic that Donald Trump has embraced. She will tell the truth in court, but continue to publicly push the lie to her Republican supporters.

Lake is currently running to flip the US Senate seat in Arizona, but her chances of delivering a pick up for Republicans in November took a big hit when Sen. Kyrsten Sinema decided not to run for reelection as an Independent. In a two person race, Lake trails Democrat Reuben Gallego.

As always with any member of Trump’s Republican Party watch what they do in court, not what they say in public, because Kari Lake’s court filings aren’t matching up with the claims that she is making to voters.

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