Judging From Trump’s Reaction, Michael Cohen’s Testimony Is Crushing

Trump appeared to be in total panic mode as he read quotes and attacked the judge after the first day of Michael Cohen’s testimony.

Read the biggest developments from Michael Cohen’s testimony.


Trump ended up quoting Sen. J.D. Vance about how his trial is a threat to democracy, “They view this as a scam. I think it’s a terrible thing that’s happening to democracy in this country. And uh we have a lot of them that want to come and say, just stay back and pass lots of laws to stop things like this. Uh JD Vance, what’s going on in that courtroom is a threat to democracy and we cannot have a country where we get to prosecute your political opponent instead of persuading voters.”

A man who tried to end democracy by stealing an election is claiming that democracy is in peril because he is being held accountable for alleged crimes.

The ex-president went on and on reading quotes from stack of papers as if he was trying to convince himself that the American people are behind him.

Video of Trump:

Trump seems to know that he is not winning the trial. At some level, he also appears to understand that Michael Cohen’s testimony is very bad for him. Outside the courthouse, Trump was in panic mode, spending minutes throwing everything at the wall and hoping that something stuck.

Donald Trump knows that there is a sizable percentage of voters who say that they will not vote for him if the former president is convicted of a felony. Trump is trying to discredit the process in the hope of discrediting a conviction.

Michael Cohen’s testimony was bad for Trump, but what even worse was the show was put on outside of the courtroom.

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