Jon Stewart, “Trump Is The Real Cancel Culture.”

Last updated on May 23rd, 2024 at 06:38 pm

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Jon Stewart called out the right’s fake cancel culture and pointed out that the one real source of cancel culture is Donald Trump.

Stewart said on The Daily Show, “As irony would have it, it turns out that when it comes to cancel culture, the ones who smelt it dealt it. There is someone canceling people on the right, but the only one canceling people on the right is Donald Trump. And anyone who dares speak out against him, refused to buy into Trump’s stolen election claims, and you’ll lose your job like Liz Cheney or countless others. In fact, everything the right says cancel culture does to them is actually being done by MAGA.”

After playing numerous examples of Trump cancel culture, Jon Stewart closed the segment by saying, “Truth is, Trump is the real cancel culture, emphasis on ‘Cult.’ Because on the right, you can say whatever the [bleep] You want about gay people and trans people, from TikTok to Patreon. You can decry DEI from podcasts to, I don’t know, the governor’s office of Florida, and chances are, not only will you be fine, you’ll get a raise. But if you ever dares speak out one iota against Donald Trump? Be yes afraid!”


Jon Stewart was right. The real cancel culture is Donald Trump. The cult within the Republican Party will cancel any of their own who dares to speak out. There have been examples of this via the daily marches of Republicans to the Manhattan court house who show up to stand hostage video style behind dear leader as holds papers and rants incoherently.

We all know what would happen to one of these Republicans if they came to court, listened to the trial, then went out and told reporters that they think the ex-president is guilty. That person’s career in the Republican Party would immediately be over.

Donald Trump would cancel them, which is how the former president maintains a stranglehold on one of the two major political parties in the United States.

Trump is cancel culture, and he will cancel anyone who dares to speak out against him.

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