John Oliver Highlights How Joe Biden Has Delivered Student Debt Relief

On HBO’s Last Week Tonight, John Oliver discussed student loans and how President Biden has delivered more student loan debt relief than any president in history.

Oliver said:

I do have some good news because while the Supreme Court struck down Biden’s big $ 400 billion plan to his credit he’s managed to get other meaningful solutions through by tweaking existing programs under his administration. He’s forgiven nearly 12 billion of debt for borrowers with disabilities and through adjustments to the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program another 56 billion for nearly 800,000 borrowers that is significant for those benefiting from it.

Look if you personally have student debt it’s worth knowing this administration is currently rolling out the save plan a retooled version of income driven repayment which does look promising. It lowers eligibility requirements and ensures that for anyone who borrowed less than $12,000 their debts would be wiped clean after 10 years of payments. You can go to this website to see whether you’re eligible and how much it might save you, and I’m not saying it’s perfect for a start it’ll have to be administered properly and remember these [ __ ] are still involved, but in just its first few months the safe plan has relieved a total of $1.2 billion for 150,000 borrowers.

In fact if you take everything Biden’s Administration has done together he’s managed to relieve 138 billion in student loans for 3.9 million people in just 3 years. That is more than any president in history. And look I know we are talking about band-aid aolutions here Even if we got rid of all the problem problems with the surfaces that won’t the giant pile of debt that people owe and even if we got rid of that won’t fix the central problem that the cost of college in this country is absurd.

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Biden has been blasting Republicans for their hypocritical opposition to student loan forgiveness, and he continues to forgive billions in student loan debt.

President Biden’s commitment to forgiving student loan debt has been historic, and if he doesn’t win reelection, it will all go away. Trump is already on record as opposing student loan relief, and some MAGAs have questioned whether or not Trump could reinstate forgiven debt. However, that would result in massive legal challenges that would take years to sort out.

Biden is capable of doing even more in a second term, and he does deserve credit for not giving up and delivering something for so many of the nation’s student borrowers.

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