Jawa Perak vs Royal Enfield Bullet 350: A Comprehensive Comparison of Cruiser Bikes

In the realm of cruiser bikes, where the allure of the open road meets classic styling and laid-back riding, two models stand out: the Jawa Perak and the Royal Enfield Bullet 350. These bikes embody the essence of the cruiser lifestyle, offering a unique blend of nostalgia and modern engineering. This comparative review aims to delve into the nuances that set these models apart, providing insights to help potential buyers make an informed decision based on their preferences and priorities.

Bikes Overview

The Jawa Perak, launched in 2019, marks Jawa Motorcycles’ re-entry into the Indian market after a long hiatus. With its distinctive bobber-style design, the Perak pays homage to Jawa’s rich heritage while incorporating modern touches. The bike’s sleek silhouette, matte black finish, and minimalistic approach make it a head-turner on the streets.

Jawa Perak
Jawa Perak

On the other hand, the Royal Enfield Bullet 350 is a living legend, with a history dating back to the 1930s. The Bullet has been a staple in the Indian motorcycling scene, known for its classic design, signature exhaust note, and the “thump” that has become synonymous with the brand. The Bullet 350 continues to be a favorite among cruiser enthusiasts who appreciate its timeless charm and dependability.

2023 Royal Enfield Bullet 350 red

Styling and Visual Appeal Comparison

The Jawa Perak and the Royal Enfield Bullet 350 take different approaches to classic cruiser styling. The Perak’s bobber-inspired design is characterized by its low-slung stance, single-seat layout, and chopped fenders. The bike’s matte black color scheme, with subtle gold accents, adds to its stealthy and sophisticated appearance. The attention to detail, such as the sculpted fuel tank and the minimalistic instrumentation, showcases Jawa’s craftsmanship.

The Bullet 350, on the other hand, stays true to its vintage roots with its timeless design. The bike features a rounded fuel tank, spoked wheels, and a classic headlight nacelle. The Bullet’s chrome elements, such as the exhaust and the mirror stalks, add a touch of nostalgia. The bike’s paint options, ranging from classic black to vibrant colors, cater to different preferences. The Bullet 350’s design is a testament to its enduring appeal and its ability to evoke a sense of heritage.

Engine and Performance Comparison

Attribute Jawa Perak Royal Enfield Bullet 350
Engine Type Single Cylinder, Four Stroke, Liquid Cooled, DOHC Single cylinder, 4 stroke, Air-Oil cooled
Displacement 334 cc 349 cc
Peak Power 30.64 PS 20.4 PS @ 6100 rpm
Max Torque 32.74 Nm 27 Nm @ 4000 rpm
Cooling System Liquid Cooled Air & Oil Cooled
Fuel Supply Fuel Injection Fuel Injection

The Jawa Perak is powered by a 334cc, single-cylinder, liquid-cooled engine that delivers a peak power of 30.64 PS and a maximum torque of 32.74 Nm. The engine’s liquid cooling and DOHC (Dual Overhead Camshaft) configuration contribute to its refined performance and smooth power delivery.

The Royal Enfield Bullet 350 employs a 349cc, single-cylinder, air-oil cooled engine that produces a peak power of 20.4 PS at 6100 rpm and a maximum torque of 27 Nm at 4000 rpm. The Bullet’s engine is known for its characteristic “thump” and strong low-end torque, making it well-suited for leisurely rides and city commutes.

While the Perak has a slight edge in terms of peak power and torque figures, the Bullet 350’s air-oil cooled engine adds to its classic charm and simplicity.

Comfort and Ergonomics Comparison

Attribute Jawa Perak Royal Enfield Bullet 350
Seat Type Single Single
Saddle Height 750 mm 805 mm
Kerb Weight 185 kg 195 kg
Suspension Front Telescopic Hydraulic Fork Telescopic, 41mm forks, 130 mm travel
Suspension Rear Mono Shock Absorber, 7 Step Adjustable Twin tube Emulsion shock absorbers with 6-step adjustable preload

The Jawa Perak’s single-seat design and low saddle height of 750 mm offer a comfortable riding position, especially for shorter riders. The bike’s ergonomics are designed to provide a relaxed and laid-back posture, ideal for cruising. The Perak’s telescopic hydraulic fork at the front and 7-step adjustable mono-shock absorber at the rear contribute to its ride comfort.

The Royal Enfield Bullet 350 features a single seat with a slightly higher saddle height of 805 mm. The Bullet’s riding position is upright and comfortable, suitable for long rides. The bike’s suspension setup, with telescopic forks at the front and twin-tube emulsion shock absorbers with 6-step adjustable preload at the rear, offers a plush ride quality.

2023 Royal Enfield Bullet 350 black standard
Royal Enfield Bullet 350

Both bikes prioritize rider comfort, but the Perak’s lower saddle height and the Bullet’s well-padded seat and suspension setup cater to different preferences.

Ride Quality and Handling Comparison

Attribute Jawa Perak Royal Enfield Bullet 350
Wheelbase 1485 mm 1390 mm
Ground Clearance N/A 160 mm
Brake Types N/A N/A
ABS Dual Channel Single Channel, Dual Channel
Tyre Size – Front N/A N/A
Tyre Size – Rear N/A N/A

The Jawa Perak’s longer wheelbase of 1485 mm provides stability at higher speeds and contributes to its composed handling. The bike’s low center of gravity, thanks to its bobber-style design, enhances its cornering capabilities. The Perak comes equipped with dual-channel ABS, ensuring confident braking performance.

Jawa Perak
Jawa Perak

The Royal Enfield Bullet 350 has a shorter wheelbase of 1390 mm, making it more maneuverable in city traffic and tight spaces. The bike’s ground clearance of 160 mm is adequate for navigating through rough roads and speed breakers. The Bullet 350 is available with both single-channel and dual-channel ABS options, catering to different safety preferences.

Both bikes offer a balanced ride quality and handling characteristics, but the Perak’s longer wheelbase and lower stance make it more suited for highway cruising, while the Bullet 350’s shorter wheelbase and higher ground clearance make it more agile in urban environments.

Customization and Aftermarket Support Comparison

One of the joys of owning a cruiser bike is the ability to personalize it according to one’s preferences. Both the Jawa Perak and the Royal Enfield Bullet 350 have a thriving aftermarket ecosystem, offering a wide range of customization options.

The Perak, being a relatively new model, has a growing aftermarket support. Owners can find accessories like custom exhaust systems, seats, and lighting options to enhance the bike’s style and functionality. Jawa Motorcycles also offers a range of official accessories to personalize the Perak.

The Bullet 350, with its long-standing presence in the market, has an extensive aftermarket support. From engine performance upgrades to cosmetic enhancements, the possibilities for customization are vast. Royal Enfield’s own accessory catalog offers a wide selection of parts and accessories to tailor the Bullet 350 to individual tastes.


Both bikes provide ample opportunities for owners to express their creativity and make their rides unique.

Weekend Getaway Suitability

Attribute Jawa Perak Royal Enfield Bullet 350
Fuel Capacity 13.2 L 13 L
City Mileage 34.05 kmpl N/A
Highway Mileage 30.79 kmpl N/A

When it comes to weekend getaways, both the Jawa Perak and the Royal Enfield Bullet 350 are well-suited for the task. The Perak has a fuel capacity of 13.2 liters and delivers a city mileage of 34.05 kmpl and a highway mileage of 30.79 kmpl, providing a decent range for short trips.

Jawa Perak

The Bullet 350 has a similar fuel capacity of 13 liters, which, combined with its fuel-efficient engine, ensures a good range for weekend rides. The Bullet’s comfortable seating position and the option to add luggage accessories make it a practical choice for leisurely rides.

Both bikes offer a relaxed and enjoyable riding experience, making them ideal for escaping the city and exploring nearby destinations.

Value and Ownership Comparison

Attribute Jawa Perak Royal Enfield Bullet 350
Price Range 213187 173562 – 215801
Number of Variants 1 4
Variant Names and Prices
  • Jawa Perak STD, Rs.2,13,187
  • Royal Enfield Bullet 350 Military SilverRed and Military SilverBlack, Rs.1,79,000
  • Royal Enfield Bullet 350 Military Red and Military Black, Rs.1,73,562
  • Royal Enfield Bullet 350 Standard Maroon and Standard Black, Rs.1,97,436
  • Royal Enfield Bullet 350 Black Gold, Rs.2,15,801

When it comes to value and ownership, the Jawa Perak and the Royal Enfield Bullet 350 offer different propositions. The Perak is available in a single variant, priced at Rs. 2,13,187. The bike’s modern features, liquid-cooled engine, and unique styling justify its price point, making it an attractive option for those seeking a distinct cruiser experience.

The Bullet 350, on the other hand, has a wider price range, starting from Rs. 1,73,562 and going up to Rs. 2,15,801, with four variants to choose from. The Bullet’s price variation caters to different budgets and preferences, making it accessible to a larger audience. The bike’s robust build quality, reliability, and low maintenance costs contribute to its value proposition.

Royal Enfield Bullet 350 South India

Both bikes have their own charm and appeal, and the choice between them ultimately depends on the buyer’s budget, styling preferences, and the level of performance they seek.


The Jawa Perak and the Royal Enfield Bullet 350 are two distinct offerings in the cruiser bike segment, each with its own strengths and character. The Perak’s bobber-inspired design, liquid-cooled engine, and modern features make it an appealing choice for riders who want a blend of style and performance. Its comfortable ergonomics and highway-friendly dynamics make it suitable for long rides and weekend getaways.

On the other hand, the Bullet 350’s timeless design, thumping exhaust note, and rich heritage make it a favorite among classic motorcycle enthusiasts. Its simplicity, reliability, and extensive aftermarket support add to its appeal. The Bullet 350’s comfortable ride quality and maneuverability make it well-suited for city commutes and leisurely rides.

Ultimately, the choice between the Jawa Perak and the Royal Enfield Bullet 350 comes down to personal preferences and priorities. Riders who prioritize modern features, distinct styling, and a more powerful engine may lean towards the Perak. Those who value classic charm, heritage, and a wide range of customization options may find the Bullet 350 more appealing.

Regardless of the choice, both the Jawa Perak and the Royal Enfield Bullet 350 offer a unique and enjoyable cruiser experience, allowing riders to embrace the freedom of the open road and the joy of riding a motorcycle that resonates with their style and personality.

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