Jamie Raskin Confronts James Comer Face To Face On Biden Impeachment

House Oversight Committee Ranking Member Jamie Raskin (D-MD) bluntly confronted Chair James Comer (R-KY) and demanded to know what crime he is going to impeach Biden for.

Raskin said to Comer during an Oversight Committee hearing, “You have not identified a single crime, but what is the crime that you want to impeach Joe Biden for and keep this nonsense going? Why? What is the crime? Tell America right now.”

Chair Comer replied, “You’re about to find out what is the crime. You’re about to find out.”


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James Comer has been promising for almost a year and half now to reveal what crime President Joe Biden has committed, and yet, there is still no crime. There is no Biden high crime or misdemeanor. There are no articles of impeachment.

The country is less than seven months away from the presidential election. James Comer has wasted millions of taxpayer dollars, and he is no closer to impeaching the President than when this fiasco started.

It is time for this sham to end.

Democrats have had enough of Comer’s games. House Republicans have no impeachable offenses. They keep promising that the bombshell is coming, but there is no bombshell. There is nothing, and even Republicans have caught on that Biden impeachment isn’t happening.

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