J.D. Vance Breaks His Own Brain Trying To Claim Trump Is A Good Husband

Sen. J.D. Vance’s wants to be vice president so badly that he claimed Trump is a good husband, but even his brain wouldn’t stand by that lie.


Transcript via Meet The Press:


Let me ask you something that caught our eye. This is something you wrote in the New York Times op-ed in 2017 about former president Barack Obama. You criticized his policies, but you also said, quote, “It is one of the great failures of recent political history that the Republican Party was too often unable to disconnect legitimate political disagreements from the fact that the president himself is an admirable man. For at a pivotal time in my life Barack Obama gave me hope that a boy who grew up like me could still achieve the most important of my dreams. For that,” you write, “I will miss him and the example he set.” You wrote that just days before Donald Trump was inaugurated. Do you still consider Barack Obama to be an admirable man who you miss?


Well, you know I grew up in a broken family, Kristen, and I just wanted to be a good husband and dad. And certainly, Barack Obama, despite my many political disagreements with him, he’s clearly a good husband and a father. By the way, I’d say the same thing about Donald Trump whose children love him. And I think this is one of the things the media often misses about Trump is how genuinely devoted he is to his family, to his grandchildren, and how part of his pro-life messaging, his fundamental pro-life view is that we ought to make it easier for more American families to have those thriving children and thriving families. So, certainly I think we’ve been blessed with a lot of good examples across our country. And yes, absolutely. Was Barack Obama a good president? No. Was he a good husband and father? Yes.

J.D. Vance couldn’t convince his own brain that Trump is a good husband.

Trump is such a good husband that his wife refuses to appear in public with him. Trump is such a good husband that he ended up convicted of 34 felonies because he tried to hide his sexual activity with another woman while he was married to his current wife from the voters.

Sen. Vance desperately wants to be Trump’s running mate, but after he claimed that Trump was a good husband, he immediately had to talk about Trump’s kids, because nobody in their right mind believes that Donald Trump is good husband, and even J.D. Vance couldn’t sell that idea to himself.

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