Indian vlogger drives Range Rover across Pakistan: Here’s how Pakistanis treated him [Video]

We featured a video about an Indian living in Canada who recently embarked on a road trip from Canada to India in his Range Rover SUV. Rahul actually visited 27 countries and covered over 38,000 kilometers during this journey. He completed a portion of his trip in India and has now started the next leg, where he is exploring different parts of the country. The Indian vlogger recently shared an old video from Pakistan featuring his Canada-registered Range Rover Velar. He recently posted a video on his YouTube channel, showcasing how he was treated by Pakistanis during his trip.

The video has been shared by Aryan Rahul Yaduvanshi on his YouTube channel. In this video, the vlogger was traveling in his Range Rover Velar to Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan. He was driving on an extremely smooth highway. He even made stops for refueling and had something to eat along the way. Some people approached him, inquiring about the wrap on his SUV. They were surprised to learn that he had driven all the way from Canada to India. It’s unclear whether this trip took place after completing his journey to India or if it’s old footage he’s now posting.

He arrived in Islamabad at night, and the next day, he set out to explore local tourist destinations. He was pleasantly surprised by the well-maintained roads. He visited a nearby hilltop café, creating a feeling similar to that of visiting a hill station in India. After the café, he drove to The Faisal Mosque, a popular tourist destination. In the mosque’s parking lot, he met many locals, and they warmly greeted him.

He didn’t encounter any issues with their behavior. People even admired his car, and some children approached him for pictures and videos. After visiting the mosque, he drove to a nearby park, where he met one of his followers. He spent time with them and had a conversation about how the relationship between Indians and Pakistanis is often depicted on the political level. He mentioned that the enmity between the two countries is a political stunt and that the common people don’t actually care about it.

Indian vlogger drives Range Rover across Pakistan: Here’s how Pakistanis treated him [Video]
Indian vlogger in Pakistan

In the video’s description section, he wrote, “What struck me most on this journey, however, was the overwhelming warmth and welcome I received, despite the political differences between India and Pakistan. This vlog isn’t just about travel and food; it’s a testament to humanity, friendship, and the cultural bridges that food can build.”

After conversing with them in the parking lot for hours, the vlogger, along with his newly made friends, visited a nearby market. He praised the quality of the roads and their management. They also visited places like the Prime Minister’s residence and drove through the lane where most political leaders of the country reside. The vlogger was extremely happy with his experience there. The vlogger started his journey from Toronto and then explored Canada. After exploring Canada, they entered the USA and reached New York. From New York, he drove the car to Halifax, and from there, the car was shipped to Liverpool, United Kingdom. They explored Scotland, Wales, and England. He then explored France, Turkey, Iran and then reached Pakistan. From Pakistan he drove the car to India.

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