Indian Cricket Legend Sachin Tendulkar Surprises Fan On Road: Heartwarming Video

When it comes to the world of Indian cricket, there is no bigger name than Sachin Tendulkar. Known as the master blaster, Sachin Tendulkar has cemented his name as one of the greatest cricket players in the world. Recently, the cricketer shared a heartwarming video via his social media profile that showed him surprising a fan who was wearing a jersey with his name on the road. The video shows the incredible reaction that the fan gave when he was stopped by Sachin Tendulkar himself, asking for directions.

This video of Sachin Tendulkar surprising his fan on the road has been shared on Instagram by the cricketer himself. This heartwarming post has been shared with a caption stating, “Sachin meets TENDULKAR. It fills my heart with joy when I see so much love showered on me. It is the love from the people that keeps coming from unexpected corners, which makes life so special.”

What happens in the video?

It first starts with a glimpse of what happens later in the video where Sachin asks his fan to turn around to show what was written on his jersey at the back. Following this, the main video starts where this fan of Sachin Tendulkar was seen riding his scooter in front of a car in which Sachin Tendulkar was sitting inside. The car follows the man on the road for a while after which Sachin comes with the idea of stopping him to ask for directions. After this, the car of Sachin Tendulkar is seen getting next to the man on the scooter and then Sachin and other people start asking him for directions.

Following this, the man notices Sachin Tendulkar sitting on the rear seat of the car and immediately after this, he becomes shocked and says, “Sir.” After this, he stands in front of Sachin with his folded hands and states that he can’t believe that this is happening with him. Sachin then asks him to turn around so that he can show his friend what was written at the back of the jersey. For context, the fan was wearing a jersey of the popular IPL team Mumbai Indians owned by the Ambani family. The jersey had the number 10 written on with “Tendulkar” above it and “I miss you” below. For those who may not be aware, Sachin Tendulkar, who stopped playing for Mumbai Indians, is still a mentor of the team.

Conversation between the fan and Sachin

Indian Cricket Legend Sachin Tendulkar Surprises Fan On Road: Heartwarming Video

After the initial surprise, Sachin Tendulkar then asks his fan how he is. Replying to this, the man looks up at the sky and says, “Thank you, God,” and he then shakes his hand with the legendary cricketer. Next up, he shows a tattoo that he had on his hand which most likely is related to Sachin, which the cricketer recognized. Following this, the man shows Sachin a picture of his son and also shows him his diary with a lot of pictures of Sachin himself. After this, Sachin Tendulkar asks for the name of the man and gives him his autograph inside his diary. After this, the man records a video of Sachin giving him the autograph and in his video, he mentions, “Today he has finally worshiped his own god.”

Sachin Tendulkar appreciates his fan for wearing a helmet

Before giving his autograph, Sachin Tendulkar takes a moment to appreciate his fan for wearing a helmet while riding a scooter. He states that it’s a very good thing that he is being safe and wearing his helmet. Sachin also adds that he also wears his seatbelt even if he is sitting in the rear. Earlier in 2017, Sachin was trolled on the internet after he was seen asking pillions on two-wheelers to wear a helmet. People trolled him for guiding other people when he himself was not wearing his seat belts.

Sachin is a humble man

Indian Cricket Legend Sachin Tendulkar Surprises Fan On Road: Heartwarming Video

In this video, it appears that Sachin Tendulkar was being driven around in an older Toyota Innova MPV. The cricketer, despite owning a number of luxury cars and sports cars, is seen driving around in normal cars. Back in 2022, a video showing him doing a Mumbai-Goa road trip in a Kia Carens also went viral. In the video, Sachin was seen enjoying a cup of tea after stopping on the side of the road.

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