Hyundai i20 CVT Automatic Gearbox Fails At 26K Kms: Dealer Asks 4.62 Lakh To Replace

We have been seeing a lot of cases lately where people have been facing issues with their cars. We all know that cars, at the end of the day, are machines, and there are chances that they might develop some issues over the years. However, some parts are meant to last a long time when compared to others.

Hyundai i20 CVT failed
Hyundai i20 CVT failed

Here we have a case where the owner of a Hyundai i20 hatchback has reported that the CVT gearbox on his hatchback has failed just after 26,000 km, and the dealer is asking around Rs 4.62 lakh to get it replaced.

The post was shared by a member on Team-Bhp. The car actually belongs to his friend, and he is sharing the incident on behalf of his friend. During his regular commute on February 24th this year, the owner experienced an unusual sound from his vehicle. It was a scrubbing and screeching noise that he had not heard from the car yet. It looks like the car is located in Bengaluru, Karnataka.

Hyundai i20 CVT failed
Hyundai i20 CVT failed

The owner took the car to a nearby Hyundai dealership on 27th February, and when the car was inspected, they found broken metal parts and metal scrub in the lower sump of the gearbox. It is not clear whether the owner continued to drive the car after it developed the issue or if he simply got it on a flatbed and dropped it at the service center.

Whatever the case may be, the damage was already done. The car’s CVT gearbox was damaged, and the service center informed him that due to the nature of the gearbox, it can’t be repaired, and the owner will have to get it replaced. The owner had bought the car in 2019 and had only used it for around 26,000 km. The owner mentions that the warranty of the car just expired last year in October.

CVT replacement estimate
CVT replacement estimate

He mentions that it is quite unfortunate that his car faced an issue like this right after the warranty expired. However, he also feels that a critical component like the gearbox in a car should not fail or develop an issue just after 26,000 km. He mentions that there is no physical damage to the gearbox nor does it have any leakage of gear oils.

The owner has done all the services on time, that too from an authorized service center. He also points out that the booklet that came with the car mentioned that the CVT gear oil doesn’t need to be replaced or refilled and is designed to last the full life of a car. The exact issue with the car is not stated in the post.

hyundai i20 cvt failure 4.62 lakh

Link To Owner’s Original Post: Hyundai i20 Fans Club

The car is currently lying at the service center. The owner mentions that he wants his car back but only after getting it repaired at a nominal cost. The owner mentions that he is ready to incur the cost but is not willing to replace the whole gearbox as he feels that it is extremely expensive. He is not ready to spend Rs 4.6 lakh for a new gearbox for his car that has just done around 26,000 km.

The owner is completely disappointed with the way his car has performed and is seen questioning the reliability of the parts several times. We really hope the customer gets his issue resolved, and his car rolls out of the service center soon.

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