Hindustan Ambassador Converted Into A Pick Up Truck Looks Is Crazy Cool [Video]

Hindustan Ambassador is considered to one of the iconic vehicles in the Indian automotive history. It was used by politicians, diplomats and other government officials as their official vehicle for years. Even people who could afford to buy one considered this as a status symbol. Hindustan Motors stopped their operations back in 2014. Even today, there are several well-maintained examples of Ambassador from different parts of the country. There are even examples of modified Ambassador sedans. Here we have a video where an Ambassador sedan has been neatly converted into a 2-door pick up.

The video has been shared by Harbhej Sidhu on his YouTube channel. The vlogger in this video speaks to the owner of the car who modified the Ambassador. The car is actually stationed in Punjab and the owner of the car did most of the modifications himself. He has a love for vintage bikes and cars and he also owns a garage where he repairs superbikes. Starting with the front, the stock headlamps have been replaced with an aftermarket projector LED units. The stock grille on this car was replaced with a custom made metal grille finished in chrome. The car also gets Ambassador branding in the center.

The stock metal bumper on the Ambassador has been retained for the retro looks. The owner mentions that this is a 2010 model Ambassador and the major inspiration for this project was his love for bikes. He wanted to make this car into a pick up that he can use to carry his bikes. Coming to the side profile, you realise that the rear cabin of the car has been compeletely chopped off. The original design of the Ambassador has been retained to the rear.

Hindustan Ambassador Converted Into A Pick Up Truck Looks Is Crazy Cool [Video]
Ambassador pick up

The car gets the same design as the sedan. HM did launch a pick up version of Ambassador as Veer. The car seen here in the video however was originally a sedan that was modified into a pick up. The rear loading area of the pick up is finished in wood and there is a hidden bench seat behind the driver seat that can be accessed using a key. The owner uses this car to do road trips with his bikes and as per the video, he has already driven the car to Himachal Pradesh with his tent and other necessary items at the back.

Just like the front, rear tail gate of this car has also been customised and gets a chrome plated sheet. The car is painted in a shade of green. The owner mentions that this is not Army green but a shade lighter than that. The paint is finished in matte which gives it a very different look. The car gets custom made steering wheel, AC and seats. The wheels on this Ambassador pick up are finished in black and they get a chrome finished metal wheel cap which looks like a small bowl. The car also gets thick profile tyres which change the overall look of the vehicle.

The owner mentions that the car is powered by a petrol engine and he has also installed an aftermarket exhaust in it. We have seen several modified Ambassador sedans from across the country and this is probably the most unique looking one among them.

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