Here’s A List Of Brands That Make Costco’s Kirkland Products

Have you ever wondered who makes Kirkland products? When I’m in Costco, I know I’m going to get a great product when I pick up the products under the store’s private label, Kirkland Signatures. Not only is the cost of the product low, but quality is still top notch. There’s actually a reason for that…

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Who Makes Costco Kirkland Products?

Many Kirkland products are actually made by third-party big-name retailers!

While Costco keeps some of the manufacturers under wraps, here are a few that have been confirmed.

Costco Kirkland Coffee and Starbucks Coffee packages
Photo source: Starbucks and Costco

1. Kirkland Coffee is Made By…

Kirkland House Blend Coffee – This one is no secret. Starbucks makes a few of their house blends. Proof is in the packaging: it’s stamped with the words: “Custom roasted by Starbucks.”

Kirkland Signature Costco brand and Bumblebee solid white albacore
Source: Bumble Bee and Costco

2. Kirkland Tuna is Made By…

Kirkland Tuna – To ensure a high-quality of white albacore tuna, Costco teamed up with Bumble Bee back in 2002.

3. Kirkland Infant Formula is Made By…

Kirkland Infant Formula – While the formula was once made by Abbott Laboratories (Similac), it is now made by Perrigo. It’s also now called the Pro-Care.

Kirkland supreme costco diapers and huggies
Source: Huggies and Costco

4. Kirkland Diapers are Made By…

Kirkland Signature Diapers – The Costco-branded diapers were a favorite of ours when our kids were in diapers. But occasionally we used Huggies. Turns out, they’re both made by Kimberly-Clark!

5. Kirkland Parmesan Cheese is Made By…

Kirkland Parmigiano Reggiano – Italians take their cheese seriously. That means that a cheese can’t just casually call themselves Parmigiano Reggiano. They need to be from a particular Italian region and follow super strict standards. The Costco 24-month aged Parmigiano Reggiano does just that. Want confirmation? Look at the packaging. The cheese is exported by Formaggi Zanetti.

6. Kirkland Chocolate Covered Almonds are Made By…

Kirkland Milk Chocolate Almonds – There’s a reason that the chocolate almonds are so addicting. They’re made with Blommer Chocolate, which has been around since 1939.

Kirkland Costco brand batteries and duracell
Source: Duracell and Costco

7. Kirkland Batteries are Made By…

Kirkland batteries – I used to be skeptical of store-branded batteries. But when it comes to Costco, I should have known better. Costco’s CEO confirmed that Kirkland-branded batteries are actually made by Duracell!

8. Kirkland Paper Plates are Made By…

Kirkland Chinet cups – This one comes as no surprise considering the Kirkland packaging for the plastic red cups boasts “Chinet” front and center. Chinet has been making disposable tableware for more than 90 years.

Costco Carries Brands You Know Under the Name Kirkland

This is just a handful of the big brands that make Costco’s popular Kirkland goods.

While some of the third-party makers of Kirkland are kept secret, one thing is for certain: when you buy Kirkland, you’re getting some top-quality goods.

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What were you surprised was made for Costco? What Kirkland products do you buy all the time?

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