Has the Indian Army bought bulletproof Toyota Fortuners? An alternate theory

Indian army uses purpose built SUVs and heavy vehicles. In the past several Indian manufacturers have managed to obtain contract for supplying such special purpose vehicles. However, we have now come across a new video that shows a bunch of Toyota Fortuner SUVs getting customised at a workshop. The video claims that these Fortuner SUVs are actually built for the Indian Army. What is the truth behind this let’s find out.

The video has been shared  by Auto Journal India. The video shares an image and a short video of couple of Toyota Fortuner SUVs inside a workshop. One of the SUVs can be seen coming out of the workshop in reverse. It doesn’t look like a government facility by any means. The SUVs gets a matte green wrap on them which is similar to the shade of the vehicles used by army. This could have been the reason behind the confusion.

We see a large roof arch on the Fortuner. This is actually installed in place to accommodate the antenna on the roof. Other than this, the post mentions that the vehicle is bulletproof and there are signal jammer boxes installed in the car as well. It is true that the SUV is finished in a Green shade. We can also see the antenna on the roof and a ladder at the back for access the roof. However, this doesn’t prove anything. We do not think that the SUVs are being customised for Indian Army. We are not even sure if this is a bulletproof vehicle.

Has the Indian Army bought bulletproof Toyota Fortuners? An alternate theory
Customised Fortuner

There are multiple reasons why we think these cars are not for Indian Army. First of all, we have not come across any official statement from Toyota related to the same. They are definitely supplying customised Toyota Hilux pick up trucks to the army. Last year Indian Army took delivery of the first batch of Toyota Hilux. However, we have not anything related to Fortuner yet. Another reason why we feel it is not for the Indian Army is becauses vehicles manufacturers often conduct a detailed survey and only get the modifications done from an authorized external vendor.

Especially when they are doing a project for Indian Army, the level of security in the area would be extremely high and no outsiders would be allowed to record videos or take pictures for security reasons. It should be noted that these vehicles were spotted at a workshop. The exact location of the workshop is not mentioned here. It is quite possible that the SUVs seen here are being built for some state intelligence unit or paramilitary forces.

There is also a slight possibility that the SUVs seen here are being modified for some movies. These SUVs might actually be used as a movie prop as well. Toyota Fortuner is known for its reliability all around the world and that is one of the main reason why it has huge fanbase. The SUV is available with both petrol and diesel engine options. Both the engine options come with manual and automatic transmission option. Only the diesel version of the SUV available with 4×4.

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