Getting a crashed Tata Nexon EV fixed: Owner narrates experience [Video]

Tata Motors, as a brand, is known for manufacturing some of the sturdiest vehicles in the market. Several online examples demonstrate how Tata vehicles have saved the lives of occupants in major accidents. In most cases, Tata cars have absorbed the impact quite well, and the damages are limited to the body panels only. We have all seen how a Tata car looks after an accident; however, not many people have spoken about their experience when it comes to getting the car repaired after the crash. Here, we have one such video where the owner of a Nexon EV Max shares his experience of getting the EV fixed after an accident.

The video was uploaded by Arun Panwar on his YouTube channel. In this video, the vlogger speaks to the owner of a Tata Nexon EV Max SUV who recently got his SUV back from the service center after a crash. The owner starts by talking about the reasons why he likes electric cars and why he bought another electric car after owning an MG ZS EV. He has already completed 90,000 km with the ZS EV, and he wanted a compact SUV with a decent range too.

The Nexon EV was the only logical option available in front of the customer. He uses the car within the city and has been getting around 250 km range. The car, a few months ago, met with an accident. He doesn’t explain how the accident actually happened. The car’s bumper, grille, fender, and headlamps were all damaged. He mentions that the mobile application did warn him about the crash, and after informing, the RSA also came to the spot and picked up the car.

Getting a crashed Tata Nexon EV fixed: Owner narrates experience [Video]
Nexon EV Max after crash

The car was dropped at the service center, and that is when the whole experience started. The owner mentions that the service center staff had asked him to take all his belongings from the car, as they wouldn’t be responsible if anything gets lost or stolen. His experience with the insurance company was also not the best, although it was from a company that the dealership suggested. The surveyor had no clarity about the damage and made several visits to actually figure out the issue and damage. He even approved the estimated amount that was sent by the service center, and the exact amount was much higher than that.

Coming to the service center experience, he mentions that while Tata has started making world-class products, their staff still lacks professionalism, and there is not much clarity in the things that they do. His car was lying at the service center for more than a month, and even after coming back from the showroom, the car had issues like the bonnet not opening, and the paint quality on the panels was not up to the mark. He mentions that one has to be there at the service center and tell the technician about the things that he wants the staff to do on the car. Otherwise, they would simply leave the car unattended. The customer can be heard saying in the video that he now opts for pick and drop service from the service center to avoid any confrontation with the service center staff.

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