Georgia Appeals Court Delays Trump RICO Trial

A Georgia appeals court has delayed Trump’s RICO trial until they hear the appeal of the decision not to disqualify DA Fani Willis.

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The Atlanta Journal Constitution reported:

Fulton County’s election interference case against former President Donald Trump ground to a halt Wednesday as the state Court of Appeals issued an order staying any further work until appeals are decided.

This means that Superior Court Judge Scott McAfee, who had planned to continue working on the case, will have to wait until it is sent back to him. The appeals court is considering whether to disqualify District Attorney Fani Willis and her office from the case because of her romance with the outside attorney she hired as a Trump special prosecutor. The court is also weighing an appeal by the DA’s office which wants to reinstate six of the criminal counts in the racketeering indictment which McAfee dismissed.

This a win for Trump and his insurrectionist defendants. There will be no trial before the November election. Trump will get to run for president in Georgia against Joe Biden while not being on trial as a RICO defendant.

The delay will not matter if Trump loses in November, but if he wins, it sets up a scenario where a sitting President Of The United States could be a defendant in a state RICO trial. If Trump was president, he would use the Department of Justice as his legal team and make taxpayers pay for his defense.

The appeals court stay is more proof that the courts are not going to handle America’s Donald Trump problem. Only the voters can get rid of Trump and purge the nation of his toxicity once and for all.

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