Fun 4th of July Facts For Kids to Print and Learn

Today we are learning all about the 4th of July with our 4th of July facts printable pages. We have a list of fun patriotic facts for the 4th of July. Kids of all ages will love these 4th of July facts and history snippets and then use the Independence Day fun facts printables which are perfect for use at home or in the classroom. Simply download and print the fun patriotic facts about the 4tth of July and have some fun while learning about the birth and history of our nation, the good ole US of A!

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Let’s learn some fun facts about the 4th of July!

Free Printable 4th of July Facts For Kids

We can all agree that 4th of July is a super fun and important day. Who doesn’t love the fireworks, the food, and of course, the patriotism. Click the red button to download and print the 4th of July fun fact sheets now.

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Our 4th of July facts printable include activity pages with fun facts about Independence Day. Our historical facts about 4th of July can be printed two ways – full color or black and white.

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You can print our black and white 4th of July facts worksheets.

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  1. Independence Day is celebrated every year in the United States on the Fourth of July.
  2. The Declaration of Independence was written in its majority by Thomas Jefferson.
  3. Every 4th of July, the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia is tapped (not rung) thirteen times in honor of the original thirteen colonies.
  4. The Liberty Bell hasn’t been rung since 1846 to avoid additional damage. 
  5. The liberty bell weighs 2080 pounds!
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This is our first page in our 4th of July facts printable set!
  1. During the 4th of July celebrations, Americans eat approximately 150 million hot dogs.
  2. Fireworks, as a tradition of Independence Day, date back as early as the first anniversary in 1777.
  3. Thomas Jefferson and John Adams both died on July 4, 1826, within hours of each other on the 50th anniversary of Independence Day.
  4. July 4th was not deemed a federal holiday until 1870, almost 100 years after the nation was founded.
  5. There were 2.5 million people living in the US on July 4, 1776, compared with 2019’s population of about 330 million.
  6. The stars on the original American flag were in a circle so all the Colonies would appear equal.
  7. In the US, there are 33 places, such as counties, monuments or parks, that include the word “liberty.”
  8. The town of Bristol, Rhode Island, is home to the oldest continuous Fourth of July Parade in existence, since 1785.
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Download these 4th of July facts for some fun learning!

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More Fun 4th of July Facts and History

  • Did you know that the Continental Congress voted to declare independence from Great Britain on July 2nd, and that the Declaration of Independence was officially adopted 2 days later on the 4th?
  • George Washington actually lost a battle on July 4th.
  • Out of all the signers of the Declaration of Independence, John Hancock has the biggest signature on the Declaration of Independence out of all our founding fathers. Which is one of the most important historic document on par with the constitution.
  • The first time that July 4th was celebrated, thus becoming a national holiday, was in 1777.
  • July 4th is considered the date of birth of American Independence.
  • America’s freedom is celebrated with the star spangled batter, one of the most famous songs, and a whole lot of hot dogs and fireworks displays.
  • James Monroe, the USA’s 5th President, died on July 4, 1831.
  • On the other end of the spectrum, Calvin Coolidge was born on July 4th, 1872.
  • John Hancock and Charles Thompson are the only ones to have signed the Declaration of Independence on July 4th.

More 4th of July Traditions Fact

  • Did you know fireworks display are so popular that Americans buy more that a billion dollars worth of fireworks each year. Only 10% are professional.
  • The first 4th of July parade was actually in 1888. After that, the fun of 4th of July parades became common place.
  • Hot dogs became a staple for the 4th of July because of their cheap prices.
  • The most popular National Hot Dog Brand is actually Ball Park.
  • New York City has a grand exhibition of fireworks on July 4th. So grand in fact that they are known to have the largest 4th of July firework show in the US.

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