Foreigner Riding Bike In The Himalayas Narrowly Escapes Getting Crushed By Falling Rocks

Riding on mountain roads is a risky task, and one should do it with utmost caution. We have come across several videos in the past that show the risk involved while driving through mountain roads. Here we have one such video where a foreigner riding a bike in the Himalayas narrowly escapes from getting crushed under falling rocks. The video was posted on YouTube and other social media platforms a few weeks ago.

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The video on YouTube was shared by The Grin Machine on their YouTube channel. While the video was published a few weeks ago, it looks like the incident happened sometime last year during the monsoon. The foreigner was riding with his friends in a group and was exploring Nepal, during his ride from Muktinath to Tatopani. At the time when they were riding, the narrow mountain roads, while scenic, were equally dangerous.

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Soon they came across a traffic jam and the group had to stop. When they inquired about the jam, they realized that there was a landslide ahead and the locals were waiting for it to get over. The rider who was also recording this vlog can be heard initially saying that they could pass through the road, but soon he saw big boulders falling from the top of the hill. All they could do at that point was just wait.

The whole group along with other locals and tourists waited for some time. When the locals thought that the situation was under control, they thought of slowly moving to the other side. While returning to their bikes, they found that a shooting stone had damaged one of the bikes that was parked. They lifted the bike and kept it on the side of the road. Their plan was to leave the bike there, cross the section, ride for another 5 km to the nearest town, and come back with help.

Foreigner Riding Bike In The Himalayas Narrowly Escapes Getting Crushed By Falling Rocks
Rock narrowly misses biker

The rider got on the bike and soon reached the dangerous stretch where the landslide occurred. The vlogger had a Bajaj Pulsar NS200 rider next to him, and there was a Maruti Baleno as well. As they were crossing, a huge rock fell from the top. It fell right next to the Baleno. The occupants in the car were extremely lucky to have escaped without any injuries. The rock was so huge that it could have easily taken down the car. Small rocks followed the boulder and started falling all over the place.

The biker stopped for a second and then continued to ride forward. They safely reached the other side, but one of the members from the group fell down. As they were going back to help him, they saw more rocks fall from the top. Once again, a big rock narrowly missed the rider. The rider then started running to the other side, leaving the bike there. The riders should have ideally waited for some more time as it is extremely risky to pass through a stretch where a fresh landslide had occurred. All the riders and the occupants in the car were extremely lucky to have escaped without any injury.

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