Ford Endeavour Transformed Into Hummer H2: Check It Out! [Video]

The Ford Endeavour was one of the most loved full-size SUVs available for sale in India. Like any American car, the Endeavour was huge, and that is what attracted a lot of buyers. As the Endeavour is a global SUV, there are many aftermarket accessories and body kits available in the market. One of the most common types of modification seen on the Endeavour is converting the front of the SUV to look like a Raptor or other F-series Ford trucks. Here, we have a video where a first-generation Endeavour has been converted or transformed into a Hummer H2.

The video has been shared by Jaipur Jeep lovers on their YouTube channel. In this video, the vlogger shows a fully modified Ford Endeavour. The transformation is done in such a manner that it doesn’t look like an Endeavour anymore. The video mentions at the beginning that this car was prepared for an event management or rent-a-car company. This vehicle is specifically used for wedding processions and other events.

The car has been completely transformed inside and out. The Ford Endeavour’s front grille, headlamps, bumper, bonnet, windscreen, fenders, wheel arches, and tyres have all been replaced. It seems like most of the panels used in this particular project were handmade or custom-made. The iconic front grille of the Hummer H2 is made from metal and is finished in the same shade of white as the rest of the body.

The car also comes with round headlamps that are aftermarket units, which people are using on Mahindra Thar and other SUVs. The chrome finish that we usually see on the Hummer is nowhere to be seen here. The front bumper is made from metal, and we see integrated fog lamps in it too. Coming to the side profile, we see the almost vertical front windscreen. The bonnet of the SUV has a fake scoop with rails on it. The video mentions that the dimensions of this SUV are the same as a regular H2.

Hummer replica
Hummer replica

The 18-inch aftermarket alloy wheels with thick 35-inch tyres look good. The wheel arch and the cladding around it have also been customized. The doors and footsteps are all designed in such a manner. We do see a roof rail and marker lamps on the roof. However, it is not clear if the lights on the roof work or not. There is a wide electric sunroof too.

At the rear, the SUV gets a custom-built metal bumper with the original Hummer H2 rear windscreen. As this SUV is the same in terms of dimensions as an H2, it is extremely wide, which makes the cabin extremely spacious. The cabin is redone, and it comes with a tan-colored theme all around. This is not the cleanest-looking conversion that we have seen to date. The seats are all wrapped in tan-colored leather-like material. Similarly, soft-touch material can be seen on the horn pad, door pads, and dashboard. The car comes with ambient lights, AMG-like AC vents, touchscreen infotainment system, and so on. The SUV looks extremely wide and spacious on the inside. It does resemble a Hummer from some angles, but this is not the best-looking replica out there.

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