Easy Paper Straw Bracelet Craft for Kids

This easy paper straw bracelet craft uses colorful straws to make beads that you can thread to create lovely bracelets. Making straw bracelets is a great boredom buster for kids of all ages! Creating personalized bracelets works well at home or in the classroom. Make an extra bracelet for a friend.

Paper straw bracelet craft with green and white paper straw beads, blue and white paper straw beads, yellow and white paper beads, and green and white paper straw beads, on a hand with a gray shirt with black cuffs.
Let’s make these colorful and easy paper straw bracelets!

How To Make Paper Straw Bracelets For Kids

Today we will be making colorful and fun paper straw bracelets for kids. This is great for kids of all ages really, but particularly preschoolers and kindergarten children.

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These paper straw bracelets are fun fine motor skill practice, and great for at home or in the classroom. Play jewelry also promotes pretend play!

Paper Straw Bracelet Craft

Since there are so many different paper straws, you can make these as customizable as you want. Want stripes? Solid colors? There are so many different paper straws to choose from and each straw will easily make paper straw beads.

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Supplies Needed To Make Paper Straw Bracelets

supplies needed to make straw bracelet craft - Kids activities blog - string and a stack of paper straws
This is what you need to make your own straw bracelets!

Instructions To Make Paper Straw Bracelets

Step 1

Paper Straw Bracelets- Step 1- steel scissors, green, orange, pink, blue, and yellow and white straws cut into the size of beads, with white string.
Gather your supplies and have your children cut the straws in to beads.

Invite children to carefully cut the paper straws into beads of all sizes.

Step 2

Next, cut a piece of cotton string or yarn to fit your child’s wrist. In fact ”cut several! These bracelets look best in pairs.

Step 3

Paper Straw Bracelets- Step 3- a pink and white paper straw bead with white string tied into a knot through it.
Tie a knot on one end of the string after you thread it through a paper straw bead to make it easier for your children to string the beads.

For younger children, it’s helpful to tie one straw bead to the end of the string. This will prevent beads from sliding off the string and onto the floor.

Step 4

Paper Straw Bracelets- Step  4- Hands stringing blue and white paper straw bead on white cloth, with white and blue, and navy blue nad white, and orange and white, and green and white straws on a marble table with paper straw beads in a glass bowl.
Thread your paper straw beads onto the string.

Then kids can simply string their paper straw beads! Stringing beads is a great fine-motor skill.

Paper Straw Bracelets- Step 5- green and white, yellow and white, orange an s white, blue and white, and pink and white paper straw beads on a white string.
Stringing the paper straw beads onto a white string. Kids can explore patterns!

Kids can experiment with creating patterns.

Step 5

Paper Straw Bracelets- Step 6- steel scissors, green, orange, pink, blue, and yellow and white straws cut into the size of beads, with white string the end nipped off, with steel scissors.
Tie your bracelet and snip off the end.

When children are finished stringing their beads, tie off the end with a double knot.

Step 6

I chose to snip off the extra “base” bead to create a completely round shape. Then I tucked the knot into a bead to hide it.

Paper Straw Bracelets- Finished- A bracelet made with paper straw beads that are green and white, blue and white, yellow and white, pink and white, gree and white, and the beads are also in a white bowl, and whole straws.
Your complete paper straw bracelet is lovely and colorful!

Recommendations While Making This Paper Straw Craft

Your child is free to cut the beads any size they want. However, a uniform may be a little easier to work with.

To help your child cut the same size paper straw beads, you may want to use a black pen or pencil to make the straws.

paper straw bead bracelet that is salmon and white, green, and navy blue and white.
You can use your favorite paper straws to make your bracelet colorful!

Our Finished Paper Straw Bracelet

These simple bracelets for kids are quite adorable! Best of all, since paper straws are so inexpensive, kids can make new bracelets for different holidays and seasons.

My kids love making jewelry! But sometimes, craft supplies can be expensive. That’s why I love to find ways for them to be creative without breaking the bank.

These simple Paper Straw Bracelets fit the bill! Colorful paper straws can be found in dollar sections of large stores  or in bulk at party supply stores. They come in a variety of colors, patterns, and have many crafty uses!

Plus, if the bracelet gets ruined, simply remove the string and toss the beads into the recycling bin.

Paper straw bracelet craft steps 1-6
These paper straw bracelets are so easy to make.

Active Time
5 minutes

Total Time
5 minutes


Estimated Cost


  1. Cut paper straws into smaller segments that will become your bracelet beads.
  2. Cut the string or yarn to fit your child’s wrist with extra for tying.
  3. String on the straw beads.
  4. Tie the bracelet.
  5. Repeat!

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How did your paper straw bracelets turn out? Let us know in the comments, we’d love to hear from you!

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