Drybar Founder Alli Webb Launches Memoir

Alli Webb, co-founder of Drybar, has released her memoir today—The Messy Truth: How I Sold My Business for Millions But Almost Lost Myself.

In the book, Webb candidly takes readers on a journey that transcends the conventional success story—opening up about a tumultuous period of personal and professional upheaval.

She writes about her failed marriage, her son’s journey through rehab—and her “soul-searching quest for meaning beyond financial triumph,” a press release states. She also struggled with depression while Drybar was soaring toward success. Transcendental meditation, therapy, and journaling were a few key tools to overcoming depression, the book reveals.  

Webb achieved more than most entrepreneurs, and before the age of 40. After starting Drybar in 2010, it quickly gained popularity with shops opening in every major US city. The business exploded—earning $70 million in revenue in 2015, Forbes reported, with a quarter of those sales coming from its line of styling tools and hair treatments.

In 2019, Webb and her co-founders sold Drybar to Helen of Troy for $255 million, reports Barron’s Penta. Today, Drybar is a franchise that has more than 140 locations around the country.  

Webb’s new book, The Messy Truth, is sure to inspire readers with her resilience and determination to embrace her messy truth—and she encourages every aspiring beauty founder and entrepreneur to do the same. She also wrote The Drybar Guide to Good Hair for All in 2016. 

Webb is now president of Canopy, a line of humidifiers marketed as a skincare tool, available at Sephora. She recently spoke at the LA Times’ Leadership Awards—Anastasia of Beverly Hills’ Anastasia Soare was among the honorees.


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