Driving License Of Youtuber Who Converted Tata Safari Into Mobile Pool Suspended, SUV Seized [Video]

Last week, we came across a video on social media where a YouTuber converted the cabin of his Tata Safari into a mobile swimming pool. The video went viral on the internet as the vlogger and his friends drove the car on public roads. It became so popular that even the Kerala MVD noticed it and, as usual, decided to take action against the offenders. Their Driving license have been suspended for an year.

The YouTuber, who goes by the name Sanju Techy, had posted a video of himself and his friends enjoying a temporary pool they created inside the Tata Safari. They used tarpaulin sheets and ropes to keep the water in place. However, things did not go as planned. The driver’s side airbags in the Safari deployed due to the pressure from the water inside the car.

All this happened while the car was being driven on public roads. The vlogger and his three friends were driving the SUV through a busy road when the airbag exploded. Water had leaked through the tarpaulin sheets, and the floor of the SUV was completely wet. The video went viral, and the vlogger even did a story about how this fun video damaged his car and put him and his friends in trouble.

The vlogger posted another video trying to justify his actions by saying that this was a fun activity and many Indian YouTubers have done similar things. However, it should be noted that all these YouTubers who have done such stunts in the past did so on empty roads or private properties. He even spoke to a Transport Department officer and explained this to him. However, there was little the officer could do in this case.

Doing such stunts on public roads is an offense. We have mentioned several times that public roads are for everyone and are not places for stunts. The Kerala MVD, known for taking action against such offenders, did their job. If you watch the video carefully, you can see that the Safari was being driven by his friend while the vlogger was in the back enjoying his mobile pool.

After reviewing the video, the Kerala MVD decided to take action against both the vlogger and his friend. The driving licenses of Sanju Techy and his friend were suspended for one year. The Safari used for the stunt was also seized by the authorities. When you fill a car with water, it adds more weight to the vehicle. This affects the handling and performance of the vehicle, including braking.

Sanju Techy & friends
Sanju Techy & friends

By doing this stunt, the YouTuber was risking his own life along with the lives of other road users. While the YouTuber claims that they were driving the car at very low speeds, there is no evidence to prove this. In case of an accident, the driver and the occupants in the back of the car could be seriously injured. The MVD considered all these factors before taking action against the YouTuber. This is not the first time, traffic police or MVD has taken an action against a YouTuber for doing stunts on public roads.

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