Detailing Devils Founder And His Multi-Crore Exotic Car Garage

Some people believe that buying ultra-expensive luxury cars is a waste of money. However, for some, they are their passion, and to live their passion, they don’t see the money getting wasted. Recently, sharing his love for cars, the owner of the popular car detailing shop “Detailing Devils” shared his car collection online. The list of his cars includes a Mercedes Benz G-Wagen, Range Rover, and a few others.

Detailing Devils Owner’s Garage

The video of Detailing Devils owner’s car collection has come courtesy of Her Garage from YouTube. It starts off with the presenter asking the owner of this incredible collection for his introduction. He then states that he is the owner of Detailing Devils, a shop based in Noida.

Mercedes Benz GLC 43 AMG Coupe

Detailing devils GLC43 AMG

Following the introduction, the presenter then asks him to talk about the details of each car from his collection. He then starts with the first car, which is a Mercedes Benz GLC 43 AMG coupe SUV. This particular car is finished in the classy shade of black.

He states that he paid around Rs 1 crore for the car. The primary reason for this car’s purchase was its unique coupe-like sloping roofline. Apart from this, he added that it has a very peppy engine, which is a 3.0-litre V6 petrol engine.

Mercedes Benz G400D

Detailing Devils Mercedes G400d

Next up, he shows the most expensive car of his collection, which is a Mercedes Benz G-Wagen. More specifically, this is the G400D variant of this SUV. He mentions that he has bought it because of its cult following. The owner states that it looks like a gangster vehicle.

When asked about the pricing, the owner replied that he bought it for Rs 3 crore. The presenter then asked him why he did not buy the G63 version. To this, he replied that despite his efforts, there was not a single G63 AMG available for sale in India.

When asked about the optional extras on this car, the owner replied that the car comes with adaptive seats that tighten the side bolsters during cornering. It also gets a premium Meridian audio system. He added that the car also gets a dual-tone red and black leather interior.

Range Rover Sport

Detailing Devils Range Rover Sport

Next up, he shows his Range Rover Sport. He states that this car was bought earlier this year at a price of Rs 2.05 crore. He states that this is the newest generation of the Range Rover Sport and is finished in Santorini Black.

Kia EV6 GT

In terms of options, he states that he paid around Rs 15 lakh for the 22-inch alloy wheels and red brake calipers. Next up, he then shows his Kia EV6 GT electric crossover. The presenter then asks him about the price of this EV car.

To this, he answers that he paid Rs 67 lakh for it. He added that he bought it because of its instant acceleration and its premium appearance. When asked about the range of the EV6 GT, the owner stated that the company claims a range of 700 km. However, in reality, it only offers half of the company’s claimed range.

Detailing Devils Kia EV6 GT

Upcoming Cars for His Collection

Towards the end, the presenter asks the owner about other cars coming to his garage. To this, he replies that he has a Ferrari 296 GTB and a Lamborghini Huracan on order. Lastly, he adds that he would either buy a Cullinan or a Spectre in the coming months as well.

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