Designing a Successful Reskilling Program

In this article, written as a follow up to the award-winning “Reskilling in the Age of AI”, the authors report the results of a reskilling survey that they conducted with chief human resource officers from approximately 1,200 organizations in the U.S., along with business leaders from around 200. Their main finding is that reskilling is on track to becoming mainstream — but that companies still have plenty of work to do. In addition to discussing the results of their survey, the authors note possible bottlenecks and significant areas for further progress and lay out key questions that companies should be asking themselves when designing and running reskilling programs.

In October 2023, we hosted a gathering of over 70 reskilling and upskilling experts at Harvard Business School, and it didn’t take long for everybody to arrive at a unanimous consensus: Reskilling today is a strategic imperative.

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