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Creta Flashes Headlights, Gets Blinded by Alto’s LED Lights! [Video]

We have talked about impatient drivers many times before. SUV drivers often scare or intimidate other road users, and drivers by frequently flashing their headlights when they should not. We have all seen jokes or funny images about this behavior online. In this video, a driver of a Hyundai Creta flashed his headlights at a Maruti Alto. The Alto driver responded by flashing bright LED lights mounted at the back of the car towards the Creta.

The video was shared by Nikhil Rana on YouTube. It shows a Hyundai Creta driving on a 6-lane highway. Although there were many vehicles, the highway was not too crowded. Ahead of the Creta, there was a Maruti Alto 800 hatchback.

The Alto driver was driving at a constant speed in the middle lane. The Creta driver had plenty of space to overtake from any lane, but decided to flash his headlights, possibly to itimidate the the Alto driver into changing lanes.

Creta vs Alto LED battle

However, the plan did not work as expected. When the Creta driver flashed his headlights, the Alto driver turned on bright LED lights mounted on the roof of the hatchback, facing the back. These lights shone directly into the Creta driver’s eyes. Surprised, the Creta driver stopped flashing his headlights. This was a battle that the Alto looks to have won easily.

Creta Flashes Alto: Alto Flashes Rear-Mounted LED Lights back at Creta! [Video]

Is this advisable?

While this may seem like a good response to the Creta driver’s behavior, it is important to note that cars do not come with such lights from the factory. The Alto driver likely installed these extra lights because they were frustrated with how SUV drivers behave. He may have got the idea from a famous cartoon depicting the same that went viral on social media.

However, rear-mounted LED lights are an accessory that is illegal. Extra lights on a car are not permitted in India, though you can use additional lights while doing off-roading away from public roads. On all public roads, additional lights such as the rear-mounted, rear-facing ones used by the Alto driver here are illegal.

They may solve a problem for the time being, but remember that road rage is real and this may further provoke an aggressive driver behind your car.

When and how to flash your headlights?

Most modern cars in India have very bright headlights, which can blind drivers coming from the opposite direction. It is advisable not to use high beam headlights at night. Only flash your headlights when you need to overtake a vehicle from the right lane or when driving behind a large vehicle like a truck. Even then, be polite and remember that your headlights would reflect off the rear-view mirrors of the car in front of you, potentially blinding him. Exercise restraint while flashig your lights.

When flashing lights behind a truck, it gets the truck driver’s attention and allows for safe overtaking. Flashing lights for no reason is inappropriate and creates problems, especially for drivers of small cars like the Alto.

The Alto driver’s use of bright rear-facing LED lights is dangerous. It blinds the Creta driver and other innocent road users. This behavior could lead to accidents if other drivers fail to notice obstacles due to the flashing lights.

For the average Indian car or motorcycle user, it is very important to be patient and courteous on the road. Avoid using high beam headlights inappropriately, and do not install extra lights that can endanger others. Safe driving habits contribute to a safer and more pleasant driving experience for everyone.

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