Coorg Locals Put Up Hilarious Board Saying Google Is Wrong: 5 Google Maps Fails From Around India

Earlier, when people used to travel, they had to rely on physical maps or on locals for directions. With the prevalence of technology, services such as Google Maps, Apple Maps revolutionized navigation. Google Maps is not always accurate though. Over the years, it has been blamed for leading people to wrong destinations. Recently, a hilarious signboard accusing Google Maps of being wrong has come up in Coorg, Karnataka.

Google Maps is WRONG

This funny signboard from Coorg has been shared on X (formerly Twitter) by Kodagu Connect. The picture shows a board that reads, “Google is WRONG, this road DOES NOT go to Club Mahindra.”

It appears that this board has been put up by the local residents who reside nearby. They might have probably become fed up with tourists asking them for directions to Club Mahindra after arriving at this point because of a wrong Google Map destination. As of yet, there are no further details about this funny board.

5 Google Maps Blunders

Google Maps, on some occasions, has been blamed for putting drivers and passengers into a dangerous situations. On rare occasions, Google Maps show that there is a road ahead when there’s no road in reality. Following are five such incidents where people could not reach their designated destinations after relying on Google Maps. Instead, they found themselves in sticky situations.

Mahindra MM540 Rolled Over

Mahindra Jeep MM540 overturns after following ‘shortcut’ on Google Maps

The first incident on this list was reported from Koorachundu, Kerala. It was reported that a group of five people was traveling in a Mahindra MM540 Jeep. They were going to Wayalada Mullanpara tourist center and said to be following Google Maps’ directions. What happened next was they saw a shortcut to Wayalada from Poovathumchola through Thanniamkunn Hill.

Now, as they were not aware of the area they were in, they completely relied on Google Maps directions. Soon after taking this route, they found out that it was in pretty bad shape and caused the vehicle to overturn. Thankfully, no passenger was seriously hurt, and the locals helped the passengers to recover the MM540. More on this here.

Truck Drives into a Water Reservoir

Truck drives into a water reservoir as Google maps shows wrong route: Driver, cleaner swim out

The next incident was reported from Telangana. In this incident, a truck driver and his helper were on their way to Husnabad, a town in Telangana. The truck crew were said to be using Google Maps. At around 2 AM, both of them realized that instead of driving on a road, they had driven into a water reservoir. Their truck’s engine also stopped working after the vehicle entered the reservoir.

Soon after understanding the situation, they jumped into the water and got out by swimming. It was reported that there was construction of a new reservoir taking place in that area. Because of this, the road shown by Google Maps was the old road which was submerged. Google Maps could not update this route in time, and it nearly led to a disaster for the truck crew.

Toyota Fortuner Drives into a Water Stream

Tourists in Toyota Fortuner drive into a stream after following Google Maps

In this particular incident, a group of tourists visiting Kerala in a Toyota Fortuner unknowingly drove into a water stream. Once again, this incident was reportedly caused because of wrong directions from Google Maps. It was reported that this incident occurred during broad daylight.

Thankfully, a number of locals quickly rushed to the scene to assist and prevent any injuries. What’s more fortunate is that no one was harmed in the accident. The tourists, hailing from Karnataka, were driving from Munnar to Alappuzha when they encountered the mishap at Kuruppanthara Kadavu. Read the details here.

Another Toyota Fortuner Stuck on Stairs

toyota fortuner stuck google maps

Yet another incident of a Google Maps blunder involving a Toyota Fortuner was reported from the town of Ooty, Tamil Nadu. What happened was a driver, while navigating through the town, was relying on Google Maps for directions.

However, the journey took an unexpected turn when the Fortuner passengers found themselves stranded on a staircase. And after getting stuck on it, they realized that this path was intended for pedestrians rather than vehicles. It was reported that this incident took place at night. More details here.

Maruti Suzuki Brezza in Water

Doctor & family drive SUV straight into canal after following Google Maps

The last incident on this list is also one that nearly caused a family to drown. It was reported that a Maruti Suzuki Brezza following Google Maps was directed straight into a canal near Kottayam. It was stated that the driver was accompanied by her three-month-old daughter, her mother, and a relative.

As per reports, the driver was following directions from Google Maps on the way back to Kumbanad from Ernakulam. The driver lost her way between Thiruvathukkal and Nattakom Cement junction bypass, plunging into a waterlogged area at Parachal.

Thankfully, the passengers survived after locals came to the rescue. It was stated that the quick-thinking locals organized a rescue operation. The locals managed to secure a 300-meter rope to pull the occupants to safety just before the car submerged.

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