Bruised And Battered Maruti WagonR Gets A New Lease Of Life [Video]

The Maruti Suzuki WagonR was launched in India on 18 December 1999 and it is being sold till date. Since then, the car has undergone multiple facelifts and generation changes. Today, we will cover the restoration job of an old model WagonR which is done by Autorounders, a popular workshop for car restoration and modification. They have shown their work in a YouTube video uploaded on their official channel named as Autorounders.

The car shown in the video is the first version of the WagonR which was launched in 1999 and sold till 2006. The exact model year of this car is not mentioned in the video. First of all, the before condition of the car is shown. It can be observed that the car is in a quite rough state.

The body is full of scratches and dents, the paint is faded and it is peeling from multiple places. Additionally, some signs of rusting can also be seen. Other than this, signs of aging are evident on the vehicle.

After showing the condition of the car from both the interior and the exterior, the video highlights the process of restoration. The host mentions that in such projects the car can be either restored to its original condition or restored and modified. With this WagonR, the customer chose to restore and modify.

The host adds that the entire car has been modified keeping the customer’s needs in mind. In addition to this, the customer wanted this car to look different and unique while on the road.

maruti wagonr restomodded

Now, let’s talk about the changes. To give the car a unique look, it has been painted in dual tone. The main body color is electric blue while the roof has been painted in glossy black. This color combination perfectly suits the car.

To compliment the overall color combination, dual white stripes have been added. The host adds that the headlights have been custom made by them but the idea of these headlights was given by the customer. Aftermarket alloy wheels have also been added.

The interior has been fully restored along with some custom changes. The cabin has been given a sporty theme with carbon fiber and red inserts. The gear lever has been replaced with Katana shift knob. The steering wheel has been upgraded to a Momo branded steering wheel. The driver seat has been replaced with a seat taken from Hyundai i20. To add to the sporty look, the entire cabin has been finished in black along with the roof liner.

Overall, we can say that the work done by Autorounders is commendable. If you own an old car and want to keep it for long time, getting it restored is a great option. As mentioned earlier, the car can be restored to its original look or be modified such as this tastefully done WagonR.

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