Bollywood Actor Randeep Hooda’s Driving His Vintage Willys Jeep Is Pure Cool [Video]

In Bollywood, we have several actors and actresses; some of them have made their mark, while others are struggling. Randeep Hooda is a name that many people reading this article know about. He is known for doing unconventional roles, and that is what has made him successful in his career too. His upcoming movie is Swatantrya Veer Savarkar where he’ll be portraying the role of V.D Savarkar. He is extremely careful with the movies that he opts for, and just like the movies, his choice of cars is also different, or maybe unique. Unlike other celebrities from the industry who are after luxury cars and SUVs, Randeep Hooda has gone for a vintage Willys 4×4 Jeep.

Randeep Hooda's Willys Jeep
Randeep Hooda’s Willys Jeep

A video of Randeep Hooda driving a Willys Jeep had recently surfaced online. The actor was seen driving his recently bought vintage jeep in Moga, Punjab. This is an open-top Willys Jeep, which is neatly restored to factory finish. Even the paint on this jeep is giving a retro vibe. As part of the restoration, the Willys also gets war decals and auxiliary lamps on it. Instead of a winch, the Jeep gets a towing rope tied to the front bumper.

We can also see the narrow but knobby off-road spec tires, shovels, and an axe placed on the side of the car. The refurbished and restored instrument cluster or gauges can also be seen here in the video. The seats on this Willys are also refurbished, and they match the exterior paint of the car.

Randeep’s Childhood dream come true moment

Randeep Hooda, while talking about his recently bought Jeep, mentioned that it was his childhood dream to own a classic Willys one day. He kept dreaming about the Willys for almost 30 years before converting it into a reality. He also mentions that his dream of owning a Willys started as a child when he used to play with scale models of military cars.

He really likes the simple and minimalistic design of the Jeep. These two factors make the car a lot more durable too. If a car were to have a complicated design element in it, in the longer run, people would find difficulties in sourcing parts after some time or in the longer run. Randeep Hooda looks like one of those persons who not only likes to own old or classic cars but also loves to use them whenever possible. He took the 4×4 for a long drive where he drove the car from Moga, Punjab, to his home.

Randeep Hooda's Willys Jeep
Randeep Hooda’s Willys Jeep

He really liked the open-top Jeep experience. The wind-in-the-hair experience of driving a Willys Jeep was truly a special experience for him. He drove the Jeep for around 120 km. He does mention that the car was not the most comfortable when compared to cars that are currently available in the market. It is also not very suitable for long drives. For the same reason, he has decided to use it on weekends for short drives, including rides through the jungle. Randeep also mentions that this is the first Willys that anyone has ever owned in his family or friends circle. This makes it a lot more special for him.

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