Bill Maher Blasts Fox And The Right For Taylor Swift Super Bowl Conspiracy

On Real Time, Bill Maher took apart the insanity of Fox News and the right’s Taylor Swift Super Bowl conspiracy.

Maher said:

They have a conspiracy theory now: that this whole game, the whole thing, is rigged. That the romance between Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce was engineered by the Pentagon to be a psycho-op operation. Psycho-op is exactly what it is- a psycho-op operation. And the NFL is in on it. The whole season is rigged so that they could be in the Super Bowl.

And then at the Super Bowl, Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift at halftime will endorse Biden. So, all I have to say about this is, abort! They’re on to us!

Really? That’s what it is? That this whole romance was engineered to throw an election?

Or maybe just the popular girl is dating the football player. You know,  and look, I think Taylor Swift is great, all respect for what she’s achieved, but this is so high school, is it not?

Just, my boyfriend’s a  football player and I wear his jacket with his number to the game and he’s gonna be prom king and we’re gonna make fetch happen again. But it has driven them. It has driven the right wing. Fox News, they have it outdone themselves. Fox News. These guys amaze me. Everything with them is always a plot.

So, it’s always a, it’s always a conspiracy, yeah, except the time people actually stormed the Capitol on the very day they were certifying the votes, that was just spontaneous fun.


The conspiracy is bonkers, but maybe when you support a party that is being led by a guy in cognitive decline who punishes anything that he views as less than absolute worship, and you live in a closed-off bubble from facts and reality, things can get a little weird.

There have always been Super Bowl conspiracies mostly surrounding the idea that the game is rigged, but the idea that the Super Bowl itself is a conspiracy to get Joe Biden reelected takes things to a whole new level.

The right has lost its mind, and they are trying to elect one of their own as president.

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