Benefit Debuts AI Pore Analysis Tool to Sell Its Pore Care Products

Benefit Cosmetics has launched P.A.T—and it is Perfect Corp’s first-ever skincare diagnostic for pores.

Benefit partnered with the beauty tech company, Perfect Corp., to create the AI-powered pore analysis tool designed to help beauty consumers find the products they need. P.A.T. detects and analyzes pores in real-time.

Benefit offers numerous products that address pore issues, and a dedicated Pore category on its website showcases its ‘Porefessional’ franchise.

How It Works

P.A.T.’s pore-analyzing experience begins by opening the app on a computer or smartphone. The device’s camera then scans a customer’s face and pores, measuring individual levels and degree of concern for clogged pores, pore size, and uneven texture.

Next, the results explain the potential causes of each concern and provide personal product recommendations based on the customer’s primary pore concern.

P.A.T. also features a custom interactive pinch-to-zoom capability to see pores close up. 

Benefit’s Pore Care Product Line  

Benefit’s obsession with pores began in 2010 with its bestselling ‘Porefessional’ Primer, and since then, the brand has continually expanded its pore product offerings.

In March, Benefit launched a complete product line dedicated to pore issues—the Pore Care collection. The pore-focused skincare products fall under its ‘Porefessional’ franchise, and include a foaming cleanser, toner, oil cleanser, moisturizer, and two masks.

Toto Haba, senior vice president of Omnichannel Marketing at Benefit Cosmetics, says, “We created The ‘Porefessional’ franchise because we know that great skin starts with great pores. Whether it’s through innovative and digital AI technology like P.A.T., in-person consultations, and services from our trained aestheticians, or our high-performing products, we are laser-focused on providing customers with the right approaches to solving their pore challenges.”

P.A.T. is a Follow-Up to the Brow Try-On Tool

Benefit aims to repeat its success with its virtual Brow Try-On, developed with Perfect Corp. in 2018. Since the company started collecting data in June 2020, over one million consumers have tested out different brow looks while exploring different brow shapes and styles— spending over 125,000 hours on the site.

“We know our customers want this engaging technology…with everything we’ve learned from Brow Try-On, we’re ready to bring this kind of tech to the world of pores too,” Benefit states.

Alice Chang, founder and CEO of Perfect Corp., says, “We are so excited to continue our partnership with Benefit Cosmetics, this time to provide an innovative technology solution for digital pore-detecting and skin analyzing. The custom development of AI-tech paired with Benefit’s P.A.T. allows people everywhere to take a proactive approach to their skin health, learning about their pores and getting personalized product recommendations in a fun and convenient way.” 

P.A.T. is available to beauty consumers on Benefit’s website in the US, UK, and Australia—and will soon expand globally. 


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