Auditors Report Potential Broken Laws In Sarah Huckabee Sanders’s $19,000 Podium Purchase

Auditors for the state of Arkansas reported that laws may have been broken when a podium was purchased for more than $19,000 for Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

KUAR in Little Rock, Arkansas reported:
The Arkansas Legislative Audit released a report on Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ purchase of a lectern Monday afternoon, saying the governor may have broken state law after she spent tax money on a pricey Falcon podium.

The report also tried to find out if the price on the podium was above market value, but was “unable to determine the reasonableness of the cost.” Legislative auditors didn’t fully understand what the customizations on the podium were, and the many attempts to get the vendors to explain were unsuccessful. The report did note that similar podiums only go for around $7,000.

Legislative auditors said there was “potential non-compliance with state law,” recommending that the governor’s office do better to follow state regulations in the future.

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This is what one party control of a state government looks like. The governor’s office potentially broke the law, but the Republican controlled legislature told the Republican governor to try to do a better job next time following the law.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders has her eyes om the White House and is reportedly one of the names on Donald Trump’s running mate short list. Lectern Gate has been a scandal that has been plaguing Sanders, so the auditors have some incentive to try and make this problem go away.

Huckabee Sanders wasted taxpayer money, and probably broke the law, which makes her the perfect heir to Trump’s MAGA throne.

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