Ather’s family electric scooter spied testing: To rival TVS iQube EV

A fresh set of spy images has emerged, giving us a clearer glimpse of Ather’s upcoming family-oriented electric scooter, which has been a topic of speculation for the past few weeks. The latest pictures confirm that this is indeed Ather’s much-anticipated new electric vehicle (EV) designed for families.

Ather’s family electric scooter spied testing: To rival TVS iQube EV

Spyshots courtesy ACI

The scooter showcases a more conventional design, deviating from Ather’s usual sporty styling. The images reveal a spacious seating position, a flat floorboard, and a large, comfortable-looking seat. The handlebar appears to be set at a comfortable height, addressing a potential concern with the current Ather 450 platform. The scooter also features a practical grab handle at the back.

Notably, the scooter’s profile emphasizes practicality with a foldable pillion footrest on the left side and built-in platforms for the pillion’s feet on both sides. The mudguards on both ends seem substantial, addressing concerns raised by some current Ather customers. Additionally, the belt drive system is now concealed, enhancing its durability. Unlike many low-cost EVs with hub motors, this Ather scooter opts for a different approach, suggesting a focus on premium quality. The scooter boasts premium touches such as stylish mirror stalks, curvaceous lines in the rear end, and a sleek LED tail lamp. The side stand also appears to be an aesthetically pleasing alloy unit.

Ather’s family electric scooter spied testing: To rival TVS iQube EV

Although the spy images don’t provide a clear view of the display, it is speculated to feature the ‘DeepView’ segmented LCD unit from the Ather 450S. While details about performance and battery specifications are yet to be revealed, it is reasonable to expect figures similar to the Ather 450S, offering a real-world range of 90 km and a top speed of 90 kph.

Chassis details suggest a 12-inch front wheel with a disc brake. However, information about the rear brake (disc or drum) remains unclear. This upcoming Ather scooter marks the brand’s first all-new EV since the introduction of the 450 range in 2018. The question of whether Ather will continue with its expensive aluminum chassis or opt for a more cost-effective solution remains unanswered, with the latter being more likely.

Anticipated to debut early next year, the Ather family scooter is expected to be competitively priced, aligning closely with the TVS iQube range or possibly at a slightly higher price point. As more details emerge, we’ll keep you updated on this highly awaited addition to Ather’s electric scooter lineup.

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