Apparently There Are Some False Memories We All Share! [Video]

Do you ever remember something that never happened? I feel like we all have false childhood memories. Whether we remember a brand that never existed, names, or movies, I feel like we all share some of these false memories. This video goes through a number of the false memories we all share, and it’s crazy. Check it out!

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I swear. It happened that way!

False Memories That Never Happened

I was in eighth or ninth grade when the movie Shazam came out.

It starred the comedian Sinbad and there was a little boy and a little girl and I think their parents were getting divorced or something like that.

remember this.


And yet, Shazam never existed.

screenshot of false memories video showing Sinbad
This doesn’t seem quite right…

When we are children, our memories are really pliable.

And unreliable.

So sometimes the things we think we remember never actually happened.

Nelson Mandela never died in prison.

The Bearenstain Bears were never the Bearenstein Bears.

Kit Kat never had a hyphen.

Looney Tunes vs. Looney Toons...which is right?
Oh crap. I don’t even know…

All of these shared non-memories are so pervasive in society that they even have a name: The Mandela Effect.

What is the Mandela Effect?

Some believe that we are all slipping and sliding between parallel universes all the time and that sometimes things we experience change from one universe to the next.

screenshot of movie Mandala Effect - Nelson Mandala did a lot after his supposed death
I feel like the timeline here is getting a little nutty…

Something else you should know is that this is a world-wide phenomenon.

So whether you believe this is caused by flawed childhood memories, or universal adjustment, you’ve got to admit it’s pretty cool.

Take a look!

Video of 10 False Memories Everyone Believes

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