Angry Wild Elephant Chases Safari Gypsy On Video: How To Avoid Such Incidents

Jungle safari has become a common way for normal people to explore the wilderness. Now most of the time, wild animals seen during safari mind their own business and do not attack these visitors. However, once in a while, some of these visitors provoke the wild animals into attacking. Recently, one such video of a wild elephant chasing a group of travelers in a Maruti Suzuki Gypsy has been shared online.

Wild Elephant Chases Maruti Gypsy

This video of a group being chased down by an elephant has been shared on Facebook. It comes courtesy of a page named Social Media. What happens in this video is that a few people in a Maruti Suzuki Gypsy used for jungle safari spot an elephant. This massive wild elephant was coming out of the bushes.

At first, the elephant looked very calm, and these travelers were seen filming him with their smartphones. However, just a moment later, the elephant growls at these people. It then moves a little ahead and lets these visitors go. But the Gypsy driver, for some reason, does not create a safe distance from the animal.

wild elephant provoked by tourists

It then appeared that this move from the Gypsy driver provoked the elephant. Soon after this, the elephant started running towards the Gypsy. Now, despite its weight, it ran for a few hundred meters trying to attack these people.

Provocation Continued

What happens then is that the elephant gets tired after the initial chase and slows down on the road. However, at this point, the Gypsy driver should have created a safe distance away from the elephant. To increase the adrenaline, he stopped the SUV in the middle of the road.

Elephant provoked during safari

So after gathering some more strength, the elephant once again started chasing the Gypsy. This time around, it even came extremely close to the vehicle. Now, had the vehicle got stuck at any point, this elephant would have crushed this SUV and killed these people.

Driver Illegally Exited the SUV

After the second chase, the driver of the Gypsy made a sufficiently long distance from the elephant. However, after doing so, he stepped out of the vehicle. All of the passengers in the video were seen requesting him to come back inside and start the car. However, he can be heard saying that they should remain quiet.

Driver exited vehicle during safari

As per the rules of wildlife sanctuaries, stepping out of the vehicles is illegal. If caught doing so, the person can be caught and sent to jail as well. In this particular video, the driver stepped out at a very crucial moment.

As stated above, had anything gone wrong with the car, it could have resulted in something a lot more catastrophic. However, thankfully, nothing goes wrong with the car, and they move ahead. The video then shows that even towards the end, the elephant did not leave them and was following them.

How to Not Provoke Wild Animals?

Wild Elephant provoked

To avoid provoking wild animals during a jungle safari, it is essential to maintain a respectful distance. This very first rule was broken by these people in the video. If wild animals are spotted, they should be observed quietly. Under any circumstances, do not attempt to approach, feed, or touch the animals.

This can trigger defensive or aggressive behavior. Additionally, always stay within the designated paths. Sudden movements and loud noises can also startle animals. So it is extremely crucial to move slowly and speak in hushed tones to avoid drawing unnecessary attention.

Lastly, always follow the guidance and instructions of the safari guides. These guides are experienced in handling wildlife encounters. They understand animal behavior and can provide specific advice on how to act in various situations.

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