8 Unique Engagement Ring Trends

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If you’ve always admired unique engagement ring designs, there has never been a better time to get engaged. This is because there are plenty of engagement ring trends that are modern, personal, and even colorful. Which are these options? Here they are:

Lab-Grown Diamonds

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Lab-grown diamonds continue to ascend to the top as the preferred diamond for most of today’s engagements. Most jewellers report that lab-grown diamonds account for two-thirds of their sales.

The demand for lab-grown diamonds has increased dramatically, often due to the look and price. Once customers look at lab-grown diamonds and see the value they get from them, they stretch their budget to go even bigger. Where they could have purchased a one-carat natural diamond, they’re now splurging on a three-carat lab-grown diamond.

If you want a large ring at a lower cost, you should try out a lab-grown diamond ring. The only thing you need to do is to buy it from a reputable store such as labgrown.com. This way, you are sure that the ring will be genuine and give you the value you seek. 

Bold, Heavy Rings

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Pave rings and delicate settings have had their day, and now is the time for bold, chunky bands. Most people are moving away from the highly delicate look and into something more durable and unique.

 People are now going for thicker rings that can serve as both an engagement ring and a wedding band. A thicker band can also bring a unique element to an otherwise classic style, like a solitaire set on a chunky band.

As much as the bolder rings are trending, you shouldn’t go overboard. Always buy those that blend naturally to the size of your fingers. You don’t want to buy a ring that is too bold and looks out of place. 

Heirloom Stone Resets

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Family and heirloom resets are gaining popularity. People are doing all manner of things to restore their old rings, from placing their grandmother’s diamond in a modern setting to finding the ideal cut in an antique piece and then making it their own.

This trend is more pronounced in people who value secondhand items. This is a sustainable and cost-effective way to create an engagement ring and ensures family memories are honored in your sentimental piece.

All you need to do is to ask your family members whether you can use their old ring. You should then find a jeweller who will give it a modern look. 

Asymmetrical Ring Designs

Couples seeking a one-of-a-kind touch are drawn to asymmetrical and baguette accent stones, which give timeless center stones a fresh, surprising appeal.  Baguette diamonds pair well with almost any shape of center stone and lend themselves to many fun styles so if this is your style, these are the best to go for. 

Couples are moving away from traditional, polished styles and are adding playful design elements which are unique and fun. You can easily get it wrong with the playful elements, so take your time and ensure that the work is being done by an expert who knows what they are doing. 

Uniquely Coloured Sapphires

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For a long time, dark blue sapphires have been popular, but couples are increasingly considering other sapphire selections when shopping for colored gemstone rings. 

There has been a growing interest in different coloured sapphires, like lighter blues, teals, and deep moss greens. These are not just a lovely variation on the classic sapphire blue, but they are frequently a more affordable, traceable option.  When buying the rings, buy them from a reputable store. It’s also good to buy a stone that matches your skin tone and makes you look good. 

Uniquely Designed Rings

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With lower-cost lab-grown diamonds, many people can now afford more extravagant ring settings with accent stones, diamond embellishments, and sophisticated designs. Many couples are opting for eye-catching accessories. Since they can save money on the center stone, they invest their budget into a more ornate setting.

For example, buyers increasingly want filigree detailing, art deco shapes, and vintage-style designs instead of common solitaires or basic side stones. If this is what you are looking for, you should note that you can get it, but you need to ensure that you have it done by a professional for it to look good. You don’t want a piece that will look out of place. 

Warm Stones

Couples looking for a white diamond alternative are not only interested in emeralds, rubies, and sapphires. They’re also going for a sun-kissed effect in their stones. More brides are embracing a warm pop of color like Oregon Sunstone. This colour beautifully represents the Pantone color of the year, and it is timeless.

There is also an increase in demand for warmer stones. Couples aren’t looking for yellow or champagne diamonds, but, instead, white diamonds that fall into the K-N color range. The reason for this is because the colour brings warmth to the overall piece, especially when set in yellow gold.

Bold Bezel Setting

There is a trend towards more durable, bold bezel settings. By allowing the band to stand out alongside the stone, these rings add an unexpected twist to your bridal stack.

The non-traditional rings are more informal and sculptural than the more typical designs, making them ideal for couples looking for something that doesn’t feel too obvious.

Parting Shot

These are some of the trendy engagement ring options that you can go for. When making the purchase, don’t buy just any ring. Instead, take your time to find one that complements your skin tone. Thankfully, most of the jewellers will guide you with this. 

As you have seen, most people are going for the bold rings as they are not only unique but also tend to last longer. As mentioned, be cautious of pushing the envelope too far. This calls for you to avoid going for an engagement ring that is too bold for your fingers. 

You need one that brings harmony and balance to your hands. As much as you want a unique ring, it doesn’t mean you should draw all the attention towards it. 

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