60 Super Fun Family Time Activities

There’s no time like family time and these 60 Super Fun Family Time Activities will keep your family busy! We have so many fun family activities perfect for the whole family. All family members will enjoy all these fun things. Whether you have older kids or younger children, kids of all ages will enjoy these fun family activities.

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Let’s do some fun family activities together!

Fun Family Time Activities

Now that the weather is nicer, my family has been brainstorming ideas we can do together. From outdoor family time to family crafts and games we’ve covered it all.  Spending family time together is so important. With school, work, events, and everything in-between we rarely have enough time to really spend time with our loved ones.

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Which is why we put together this awesome big list of fun family activities. We have family games, outings, or activities, we’ve got it all! It is one of the best things about spring and summer is that going outside together is fun! Let these ideas start your family enjoying the great outdoors.

Super Fun Family Time Ideas To Do Outside

Family game night is made better with DIY bowling, bicycling, hoop toss

1. Plan A Picnic

Plan a picnic! Grab a cooler or basket and fill it with delicious snacks and foods. Don’t forget a blanket or table cloth! Then pick out your family’s favorite park and enjoy a meal outside.

2. Summer Day Camp

Kids like to mix things up sometimes, who wouldn’t love a Summer Day Camp!

3. Paint Filled Eggs

Move over water balloons, there is something messy and fun in town! Throw Paint Filled Eggs at a canvas for a fun activity! -via Growing A Jeweled Rose

4. Host a Scavenger Hunt

6. DIY Sidewalk Foam Paint

DIY Sidewalk Foam Paint is super fun DIY your kids are going to love, and it’s easy clean up! -via The TipToe Fairy

7. DIY Popsicle

Juicy Juice Pops on Kids Activities Blog

Make the easiest popsicles in the world with Juicy Juice for the best backyard treat.  -via Kids Activities Blog

8. Campfire S’mores

Fruit and Smores Cones– One of my favorite things about camping is the food. -via Kids Activities Blog

9. Bubble Experiment

This fun and cool Bubble Science Experiment would be a great summer or spring activity! -via Babble Dabble Do

10. I-Spy

In honor of Earth Day, I encourage you and your little one(s) to get outside and explore, the best way is to play I-Spy! -via Kids Activities Blog

11. Color Spray Experiment 

Family fun is made easy with rainbow bubble snakes, ball toss, color powder wars, foaming chalk, and water cup races

This Color Spray Science/Art Experiment was so simple that my preschoolers were able to replicate it at home easily. -via Kids Activities Blog

12. Backyard Beach

Beach in the Backyard is a great idea for hot day! -via Wray Sist3rs

13. Painting Outside

There’s nothing quite like Painting in the Great Outdoors to get those creative juices flowing! -via Kids Activities Blog

14. DIY Bubbles

This Bubble Recipe is so super easy to make and so frugal! -via La-La’s Home Daycare

15. Dirt Soup

Dirt Soup Photos: Wordless Wednesday. via Kids Activities Blog

16. Pool Noodle Sprinkler

Pool Noodles are great for outdoor summer fun games and activities, like this Pool Noodle Sprinkler! -via Ziggity Zoom

17. Rainbow Bubble Snakes

One of the fun activities that the kids wanted to try was making Bubble Snakes! -via Housing A Forest

18. Tinker Toy Catapult

A Tinker Toy Catapult is pretty simple construction and soon marbles were zinging across the house. -via Kids Activities Blog

juicy juice juice box

19. Nature Walk

Great spring & summer weather takes us all outdoors, especially with this fun Nature Walk Scavenger Hunt! -via Kids Activities Blog

20. Make Car Rides Fun

Getting there can be fun! Check out these ideas for making car rides a fun family experience.  -123 Homeschool 4 Me

21. DIY Ring Toss Game

It’s time for summer fun & games your kids will love this DIY Ring Toss Game! -via Mom Endeavors

22. Worm Homes

Worm Homes can be fun to make and create. -via Kids Activities Blog

juicy juice lunch ideas

23. Picnic With The Family

Pack a lunch together as a family and head to a favorite picnic spot…even if that is your living room floor!  Check out these easy kid lunch ideas. -via Kids Activities Blog

24. Shadow Sidewalk Art

Shadow Art outdoor science is a hands-on STEAM activity for kids. -via Rhymes of Play

25. Glowing Slime Recipe

This Slime Recipe is super simple and not to mention kids love slime!-via Kids Activities Blog

26. DIY Yard Yahtzee

I’m sharing an easy DIY Yard Yahtzee game today for my summer fun idea.-via Life Sew Savory

27. Drawing Prompts

This creative game uses simple Drawing Prompts to spark imaginations -via Kids Activities Blog

28. DIY Water Blasters

This summer a Water Blaster Sprinkler seemed like it would be great for some fun water play! -via Mom Endeavors

Make a Splash with Family Water Activities

If you want family fun…just add water! These are some of our favorite water-based activities that don’t need a backyard pool.

Family time activities with a water wall, slime, and water blob

29. Sponge Water Bombs

Sponge Water Bombs are a favorite summer must have. -via House of the Hepworths

30. Mud Painting

Can I just say this Mud Painting activity for kids was absolutely fun–even for me! -via Kids Activities Blog

31. DIY Water Park

DIY PVC Backyard Water Park is so fun and inexpensive! -via Classy Clutter

32. Pool Noodle Light Sabers

All you need to re-make Pool Noodles into Light Sabers is silver duct tape and black tape. -via Kids Activities Blog

33. DIY Recycled Water Wall

Have fun with this Recycled Water Wall all summer! -via Things to Share and Remember

34. Bicycling

Always looking for something new & fun to do outdoors, we decided to try to come up with some fun water games that involved Riding Our Bikes. -via Kids Activities Blog

35. Water Blobs

Water Blobs is a great way for cool summer fun! -via hello, Wonderful

Kids Activities for Family Time

make time for your family with fun family activities

Making and playing together is the best combination of family time ideas. Sometimes making it is more than half the fun!

36. Creativity Cupboard For Kids

Create a “Creativity Cupboard” filled with open-ended supplies to help with spontaneous family crafting moments. -via Juicy Juice Family Time Tips

37. Physical Science Lesson

Simple Machines: Pulley– Six different type of machines that we can “build” at home to lessen our “work” load! -via Kids Activities Blog

38. Make A Solar Oven

Solar Ovens are so cool and s much cooler when your kid can make their own! I remember making a solar oven when I was in the fourth grade a loooooong time ago. It was fun! -via Kids Activities Blog

39. Family Time Capsule

Make a “100% Family Time” Capsule!  Decorate an empty Juicy Juice bottle transforming it into this cool idea.  -Playful Notes

40. Spray Sidewalk Chalk

I’m sure I’m not the only mom who hears “I’m bored” on breaks from school so here is a cool Spray Chalk Recipe you and your kids will love! -via Clever Pink Pirate

41. Fizzing Sidewalk Paint

This Fizzing Sidewalk Paint is by far one of our kids’ most favorite play recipes. -via Kids Activities Blog

juicy juice fish ice cubes

42. Fruity Fizzy Juice Drink

Make a refreshing drink together using Juicy Juice Splashers. -via Kids Activities Blog

43. DIY Color Powder

I want to show you how to make the DIY Color Powder that could cause a world of fun for you and your family! -via dukes & duchesses

44. Animal Hunt

This simple Animal Hunt Outdoor Adventure is sure to have your little ones happily running around and searching through your garden. -via Kids Activities Blog

45. Magnetic Mud

Our Magnetic Mud was fun and terrific outdoor science project! -via Kids Activities Blog

46. Eat Together

Eat together as a family. I love, love, love these ideas.  -Working Moms Against Guilt

47. Memorial Day Games

Memorial Day Games: some serious outside family fun! -via Journey with Johnsons

48. Backyard Tight Rope

Grab a couple of ropes and string up a Backyard Tight-rope! -via Kids Activities Blog

49. Art Outdoors

With this super fun activity you kids will be Enjoying Art Outdoors! -via Kids Activities Blog

50. Ping Pong Ball Painting

Outside is the perfect place for this Ping Pong Ball painting. Part art project, part gross motor activity Ping Pong Ball Painting is so much fun! I did this with my kids and we had such fun times. This is even perfect for little kids if you have a plastic container with a lid. Will keep this art activity mess free. -via Kids Activities Blog

steps for Juicy Juice Pushup

51. Popsicle Bar

Spending the day outside with your family? Add do the fun with this super awesome popsicle bar! Who doesn’t love a popsicle on a hot day…or really any day! -via Kids Activities Blog

52. Glowing Bubbles

It is time for more Paint and Play, we took our playtime to nighttime and made some fun Glowing Bubble Art. -via Growing A Jeweled Rose

53. DIY Pyramid Kite

It is a Tetrahedral Kite that is surprisingly easy to make. -via Kids Activities Blog

54. Glow In The Dark Bowling

Glow sticks are the secret behind this Glow in the Dark Bowling that the kids will love! -via Kix Cereal

55. Exploding Paint Bombs

We had a blast — literally — with this Exploding Paint Bombs activity! -via Kids Activities Blog

56. Popped Bubble Art

Popped Bubble Art is a fun summer activity that your kids will love and find fascinating! -via Broogly

57. Flashlight Games

When your kids aren’t quite ready for bed yet, and you want to let them have some super fun, try these Flashlight Games! -via Kids Activities Blog

58. Summer Twister

The activity that will last all summer- Summer Twister. -via Eucharisteo

59. Spell It Out

Spell It Out– This game puts a super-size spin on an old classic and boosts basic literacy skills. -via Parents

60. Wobbly Worm

Family game night is a staple in our house, and one game we are obsessed with lately is Wobbly Worm! -via Kids Activities Blog

Fun Family Games and Activities

family nerf battlefield idea - image of nerf hand helds on grass

61. NERF Battle

Looking for more outdoor activities? Learn How to Create a Fun NERF Battlefield for hours of family fun! -via Kids Activities Blog

62. Water Race

This Water Cup Race is a fun game to play outside with water guns! This is fun for the entire family. You can use different colors on the cups to differentiate who cup is whose.-via All For The Boys

63. Balloon Target Practice

Check out this outdoor fun! This is fun for older children and younger kids. Balloon Target Practice is a great way to have summer fun with out a swimsuit! -via Tip Junkie

64. Yard Games

Here are some of my Favorite Yard Games to play outside before club starts, especially during spring-time weather. -via Young Life Leaders

65. Spot It

Spot it! It’s a fun family game that is simple but unbelievably addictive that ages 4 to adult will love! -via Kids Activities Blog

66. Balloon Dart Board

This Balloon Dart Board is so fast, easy, and has a big pay off! -via She Knows

67. Board Games

Board games are the best and there are plenty of family friendly board games that your whole family will enjoy. We are sure you will find a board game your whole family will love. My family has always loved Arkham Horror and Parcheesi. We are not a Monopoly family. -via Kids Activities Blog

Don’t Get Caught with the Cookie is a great outdoors game kids and adults alike will love! Not only do you get to spend time with your kids, but you get some exercise too!-via Play Works

69. DIY Bowling Game

Turn the backyard into your very own bowling alley with our Recycled Bottle Bowling Craft! This can also be done as indoor activities too, using smaller bottles. This is perfect for young kids.-via Kigali Moms and Dads

More Family Fun Games And Activities The Whole Family Will Enjoy!

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Looking for more family fun activities? We’ve got so many to choose from, you are bound to find something your family will love.

What family time activity is your favorite? Which ones will you be doing together? Comment below and let us know!

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