6 cruise safety tips to keep you protected and at ease during your vacation at sea

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A trip aboard a cruise ship provides a unique vacation truly unlike anything else. 

When enjoying activities like shopping, dining at fancy restaurants, testing your luck at the blackjack table or attending an evening show, you can quickly forget that you are aboard a ship. 

Getting to your destination is half the fun — and while traveling from port to port on a cruise ship, you won’t be bored with all the events happening and things to do while you’re sailing. 


When you take any kind of vacation, it’s important to keep safety measures in mind, and cruising is no exception. 

Here are six key safety tips to remember during your vacation at sea.

couple on cruise ship deck

Remember these six safety tips while you’re cruising. (iStock)

  1. Keep rooms locked up when you are away
  2. Pay attention during the muster drill
  3. Lock up valuables
  4. Keep your keycard close
  5. Research stops ahead of time
  6. Keep alcohol intake in mind

1. Keep rooms locked up when you are away

When you leave your room, even just for a short period of time, make sure the door shuts and locks behind you. 

Before you go to bed for the night, ensure that your door is secure. This includes your balcony door. 

If you have a balcony room, don’t climb over railings or leave any trash out that could get blown over. 

Also, remember when you are staying in a balcony room that there are people all around you that could also be out on their balcony, out of your sight. While you’re out there, don’t say anything that you wouldn’t want others to hear. 

2. Pay attention during the muster drill

Before you embark on your cruise, every passenger must attend a muster drill.

This is a mandatory safety briefing that takes place in the same place you’ll go in the case of an emergency. 


Pay attention during this, so you have all the information that you need. 

3. Lock up valuables

On any vacation, including a cruise, keep your valuables safely locked up in the safe located in your room. 

US Passport

Your passport is one important document you should lock away during your cruise vacation. (Victor J. Blue/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

You don’t want to lose money or important travel documents, like a passport that you’ll need to return home

Don’t carry unnecessary valuables around the ship with you. 

They’ll be much better off safely locked away. Just don’t forget to check your safe before your last departure. 

4. Keep your keycard close

One of the most important items you’ll be given when you arrive at your cruise ship is a keycard. This keycard doesn’t only open your room, but it can also be connected to your credit card, so you can easily make purchases on board. 


You should keep your keycard on you at all times while you are cruising. You’ll also need your keycard to get on and off the ship, as it will be scanned when you exit and then re-enter after your day of exploring. 

5. Research stops ahead of time

If you plan on exiting the cruise ship and exploring the destinations you visit, do research on those stops ahead of time. 

Look up local laws and check and see if there are any travel advisories for the destination. 

Before you go, look at any excursions that are offered by the cruise line, and get those booked in advance. 

Cruise ship

Research the stops your cruise is headed to before you go, so that you can plan each day and learn the laws of each place you are going. (AP Photo/Emilio Morenatti)

Use the buddy system when exploring around the destination and on the cruise ship too. 

Keep in mind the time at which you must return to the ship, and make sure you give yourself plenty of time to return. 


If there is a stop that you aren’t interested in leaving the ship for, head to the spots, like the pool, that are always busy. 

On port days, many guests will be off the ship, so that could give you an opportunity to grab a good seat by the pool, or finally ride the waterside without the big line. 

6. Keep alcohol intake in mind

Cruise drink packages can be enticing to guests, but also can make it easy to overindulge if you’re not careful. 

Group of girls being served drinks

Alcoholic beverages are often an attraction on cruise ships. Make sure that during your trip, you keep track of how much you are consuming each day to keep yourself safe. (iStock)

Whether you buy a drink package or pay as you go, keep track of how much you consume throughout the day. 

Don’t forget to have plenty of water and have enough to eat, especially when you’re spending a lot of time outside in the sun. 

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