30 Year-Old Ambassador Neatly Restored To Factory Condition [Video]

The Hindustan Ambassador is a car that brings back memories for many people reading this article. Growing up, many might have had this car in the porch outside their house. It was one of those cars seen as a status symbol, but the brand discontinued its operations in 2014 due to low sales and rising competition. It is definitely an iconic sedan, and finding a well-kept example of one of these in the country is quite hard. Here, we have a video of a 1995 model HM Ambassador sedan that has been neatly restored to its factory finish.

The video was shared by Shreesh Tripathi on their YouTube channel. In this video, the owner of the car had dropped it off at a workshop for restoration work. The car originally belonged to his grandfather, and he handed it over to his father, who later passed it on to him. We do not see how the car looked when it arrived at the workshop.

We checked the YouTube channel and found that the condition of the car was quite poor. There was a decent amount of rust and damage both on the outside and inside. The car was completely stripped down and restored. As both the interior and exterior were rusted, the workshop started the work by addressing this issue.

They removed all rusted panels, repaired them, welded them back with new metal sheets, and then shaped them. Once the denting work was done, a coat of putty might have been applied to the car to retain the character lines.

After applying the putty, the excess putty was removed, and the car was given a primer coat to prevent rust. The car was completely repainted in blue, and the wheels also got a white and blue combination for that retro look.

Ambassador restored
Ambassador restored

After all this was done, the owner wanted the car to retain the same old blue shade that it originally had. The engine bay, doors, and tailgate were all restored. Even the chrome bumper on this sedan was restored to its original state. The car originally came with a gear lever next to the steering wheel.

It was later removed and repositioned on the floor. The current owner of the car wanted the gear lever next to the steering wheel. An older steering wheel was also installed to give it a retro look. The interior of the car was completely restored or redone.

The flooring of the car was redone, and we see a grey-colored mat on the floor. Just like the exterior, the interior of the car also maintains a retro color theme. The bench seats at the front and rear also look good.

The owner of this particular car really wanted the car to retain its retro charm. We have seen many modification and restoration videos about the Ambassador online. This one is definitely a cool-looking example. The owner of this car also owns an HM Contessa and a Mitsubishi Pajero. The exact cost of this restoration and the time taken to compelete this project is not mentioned in the video here.

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