26 Beautiful Butterfly Painting Ideas

Today we have a big list of easy butterfly painting ideas for kids of all ages. Butterflies are so magically beautiful with colorful patterned butterfly wings which makes them the perfect subject for your next art project. Grab your acrylic paints and let’s get started whether you are at home or in the classroom these easy butterfly painting ideas will inspire creativity!

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Let’s paint butterflies!

Easy ButterflY Painting Ideas

We can all agree that butterflies are some of the most beautiful insects in our gardens (have you ever looked at a monarch butterfly up close?). They have such pretty patterns and colors that catch our children’s eye and butterfly wings are even of the first things toddlers learn to draw.

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Some of these butterfly art projects are made with acrylic paints, others with watercolor paints, and some even are made with rocks. While we chose these butterfly painting for kids ideas, adults looking for easy butterfly painting projects will love them too.

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We can’t wait to share with you our favorite butterfly painting ideas!

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Butterfly Painting for Kids

1. How To Paint a Butterfly – Easy Beginner Tutorial

Easy butterfly drawing tutorial.

Ever wanted to learn how to draw and paint a monarch butterfly? This tutorial from Feeling Nifty is easy enough for beginners and older kids that already have a strong pencil grip. The butterfly color is created with acrylic paint and kids will learn to create the most stunning butterfly wings.

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2. Butterfly Painting

We love these beautiful butterflies!

This beautiful butterfly art from The Craft Train is inspired by the monarch butterfly and the blue morph species, and it’s perfect for kids of all ages. Grab your acrylic paint in orange, yellow, white, and blue colors.

3. How to Paint Butterflies for Kids

Unique & beautiful butterfly art!

This symmetrical butterfly craft is one of our favorites as the result is different and unique every time. Just follow the video tutorial and enjoy! From The Artful Parent.

4. Butterflies for Beginners

You’ll love trying this fun rock painting idea!

Looking for a rock painting idea? Here’s a fun butterfly tutorial for beginners, step by step! From Rock Painting 101 that is perfect for your big kid. I love how the black lines show up on the light colored rocks.

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5. Beautiful Watercolor Butterfly Painting

This beautiful butterfly wings art is perfect for kids of all ages.

For this beautiful butterfly art craft, we will combine different techniques like oil pastels and watercolors from Projects with Kids. The vivid colors really reflect the species of butterfly you might see in your backyard.

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6. Butterfly Painting for Toddlers

Toddler butterfly painting idea with paint splotches on white paper with paint next to it from My Bored Toddler
Little kids will love making their own beautiful art!

This butterfly painting from My Bored Toddler is perfect for toddlers, but older kids can participate as well. You only need paint, a paint brush, and some paper for this easy and fun design perfect for tiny hands to create colorful butterfly wings.

7. How To Paint a Butterfly

We love easy butterfly tutorials like this one!

Create your own butterfly painting with acrylics – this monarch butterfly tutorial includes a free printable that you can use to trace onto the canvas. From Step by Step Painting, this makes beautiful wall art.

8. Finger Paint Butterfly Craft

This butterfly art craft is so much fun!

Toddlers and older kids will love painting this butterfly body template with their fingers and own color choices. Finger painting is very beneficial for kids – and so much fun too. From Fun with Mama.

9. Process Art: The Magic of Salt Painting!

This art project is a fun way for kids to learn a different painting technique.

Kids of all ages will be so excited to try salt painting to create a butterfly. Watching the colors spread through the body of the butterfly is mesmerizing! From Artsy Momma.

10. Paper Plate Butterfly Silhouette Art for Kids

Fun 3-in-1 activity for children of all ages.

Toddlers, preschoolers, and big kids will love making silhouette art to create a beautiful butterfly design. From Happy Hooligans, these butterfly wings and body are accented by the colorful acrylic paint that surrounds the silhoutte.

11. Easy Art for Kids – Squish Painting

Folded paper painting is perfect for kids of all ages.

Squish paintings are very easy. All you have to do is get a leftover paper plate, pick some colors (we recommend contrasting colors, such as a dark green color with a light color like pink) to make this work of art. From Picklebums.

12. How to Paint a Butterfly – Acrylic Painting For Beginners

Isn’t this butterfly painting so pretty?

Let’s make an abstract butterfly painting. This butterfly tutorial is suitable for kids, beginners, and first time painters. Choose a pretty background color (a blue background will look amazing!) From Easy Peasy and Fun.

13. Gorgeous Symmetrical Butterfly Craft for Kids

It’s gorgeous, isn’t it?

Here’s another gorgeous symmetrical butterfly craft, also known as squish painting, which can be made with simple paper plates and paint. From Happy Hooligans.

14. How to Paint a Wooden Butterfly Step by Step

Such a pretty butterfly craft!

Transform your house into a tropical garden with these beautiful butterfly painting ideas. Get your white paint for the background and a black marker for the butterfly’s black outlines on cute wood slices. From Artistro.

15. Fingerprint Butterfly Mug Painting

This is a lovely DIY gift!

These sweet butterfly mugs make for awesome Mother’s Day gifts and are very easy to make. From The Best Ideas For Kids.

16. Crazy-Colorful Butterfly – A Fun Watercolor Painting for Kids

Paint a watercolor butterfly made with markers too from B Inspired Mama shown with craft and art supplies on table
Get creative with fun patterns on the butterfly wings.

Brighten up your kids’ day with this vibrant, colorful, beautiful watercolor butterfly painting. Actually, you can have fun with your kids too! From B-inspired Mama.

17. Colorful Butterfly Symmetry Paintings

The googly eyes make this craft even more special.

This art project teaches preschoolers math in a fun way. Use as many colors as needed to make it super colorful. From Artsy Momma, this painting activity works well for even the youngest artists.

18. Sponge Painted Butterfly Craft For Kids

Everything can be a painting tool!

Who knew you could make an artsy craft with a sponge? This sponge painted butterfly craft from The Resourceful Mama is perfect for kids of all ages.

19. Colorful Painted Paper Butterfly Craft for Kids

It includes a free template!

Another watercolor paint project – this one uses a combination of painting techniques to create faux stained glass butterflies. From Buggy and Buddy.

20. How to Paint a Watercolor Butterfly Painted Rock

butterfly-painting-ideas-ilovepaintedrocks-How-to-Paint-a-Watercolor-Butterfly-Painted Rock
You can also add some flower buds to these rock projects.

Make a butterfly rock with pretty acrylic paints – and then use it as nice spring decor! From I Love Painted Rocks.

21. Rock Painting Ideas – Butterflies

I love the monarch butterfly rock one.

Here’s another butterfly rock painting idea to brighten your little one’s day. They also make for nice DIY presents. From Paint Happy Rocks.

22. Galaxy Butterfly Art Project for Kids

Enjoy making this galaxy butterfly craft!

Make these unique butterflies using a creative painting technique. The butterfly wings end result looks like a galaxy butterfly – super cute! From Buggy and Buddy.

23. How to Make a Glitter Butterfly Painted Rock

Wow, what a pretty, sparkly rock craft!

Kids of all ages will absolutely love making a glitter butterfly-painted rock. From I Love Painted Rocks.

24. Watercolor Butterfly- A Lesson on Symmetry

This is the best way to learn about symmetry for kids!

This butterfly project is a fun way to get your kids familiar with using oil pastels and watercolor paints – all while learning about symmetry. From Kitchen Table Class Room.

25. Sparkly Painted Butterfly Craft

Glitter makes everything so much prettier!

This sparkly painted butterfly craft will add some cheerful color to your kids’ day. It’s perfect for toddlers and older kids as well. From Makeandtakes.

26. Butterfly Salt Painting

This butterfly painting is so cool!

Salt painting is a very interesting art technique that keeps kids intrigued throughout the whole process – and it’s very easy, too, simply follow the detailed instructions on the website to make these gorgeous butterfly wings. From Arty Crafty Kids.

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Which butterfly painting idea do you want to try first?

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