25 Purse Storage Ideas and Bag Organizer Hacks

Keeping your bag organized is essential to life especially with kids! These bag organizer ideas and hacks are a game changer when it comes to getting where you need to be on time with all the stuff you need. As a mom on the go, keeping a tidy purse or diaper bag is essential to not losing everything!

25 organization hacks for purses and diaper bags - images show bag organizer ideas like plastic bags, list of items and keyrings
Let’s get our bag organized! No more crazy messy purses!


As it turns out, taking just a few minutes to purge and organization your bag can save you a lot of time and headache, especially when you’re in a hurry.

My handbag quickly becomes overwhelming. I’m always on the go and constantly just stuffing things in my purse. Loose change, receipts, pens, papers, other people’s stuff. I have everything in my purse and it becomes a hot mess.

Here are 25 organization hacks that’ll have your purse or diaper bag in tip-top shape in no time.

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Handbag storage ideas with a name tag holder, glasses case, coupon organizer, and DIY organizer.
Try these simple ideas to organize your handbag.


1. Organize Purse Contents

Organize purse contents with color-coded zipper pouches. You’ll always know where everything is, and you can grab what you need in seconds rather than digging through your purse. via Early Bird Mom (no longer available)

2. Handbag Storage Ideas

Need some handbag storage ideas for this summer? Make a summer go bag that has all your hot weather essentials that you can grab as you are on your way out to a picnic, or play time at the pool! via Love and Marriage Blog 

3. Organize Purse With Pouches

Did you know you can organize your purse with pouches? This obviously is for people with bigger purses, but no longer do you have to deal with things rolling around and getting lost in your purse. Now everything has a place! via A Bowl Full of Lemons

4. Keyrings for Organizing Purses

Organizing purses doesn’t have be difficult or expensive. A simple keyring can make such a big difference. Punch a hole in all your store cards, and keep them together on a key ring. Genius! via A Bowl Full of Lemons

5. How To Organize Cards

Or you can learn how to organize cards using a small photo book into a store card and coupon organizer. I think this is so clever, especially if you’re like me and have quite a few reward cards and gift cards.

Purse storage ideas using key rings, pencils pouches, and personalized wallets
Oh so many easy purse hacks to make things more organized!

6. How To Organize Purses with Mini Tins

Want to know how to organize purses and recycle at the same time? Do you carry lots of business cards or gift cards? Store them in a mint tin! via Style Caster

7. DIY Purse Storage

Are you like me? I wear glasses all the time and since I rarely ever take them off I never need my glasses case so they generally sit in a drawer somewhere collecting dust. Turn it into DIY purse storage! Keep headphones and charger cords neat and tidy in a glasses case. This will save your wires, headphones, and plugs, while keeping your purse from becoming a tangled mess. via Pinterest

8. DIY Badge Tether for Handbag Storage

And keep your sunglasses handy with a badge keeper attached to the outside of your purse. I think this is such a clever way to keep up with your glasses, however, be aware that doing this method is also a tad risky as someone could potentially swipe your glasses easily if you aren’t paying attention. via Momma Told Me

9. Pill Organization for Purse

Because you’re carrying around a bunch of different bottles of things, your purse may sound like a maraca. Just mine? Turn a daily pill box into a handy organizer for breath mints, band-aids, and your every-day pain relievers. via DIY Party Mom

10. Bobby Pin Holder

Use a Tic Tac container to hold your bobby pins, and wrap elastic hair ties around it. You’ll be able to pull your hair up quickly if you’re having a bad hair day! This bobby pin holder is not only great for keeping things together, it lets you recycle! via Lovely Indeed 

Organizing purses with glasses cases, pot holders, plastic bags, and DIY purse organizers.
Why didn’t I think of that way to use a simple purse organizer?


11. DIY Crafted Purse Organizer

Make your own purse organizer from a placemat. It’s super easy… no advanced sewing skills required. And because it is made of a cloth placemat you can have a purse organizer or nearly any color with super cute patterns. via The Mama’s Girls

12. Handbag Organizer from a Pot Holder!

Turn a potholder and sandwich bags into a handbag organizer in a pinch. I am absolutely loving this! It is such a cute way to keep medication, Q-tips, pins, band-aids and other little things together. via Practically Functional

13. Organizing Purses from a Cardboard Box

Organizing purses doesn’t have to be difficult and you can make your own pocketbook organizer. This purse organizer was made from a cardboard box and fabric. Impressive! It looks so cute, like something you’d buy at the store. via Suzys Sitcom

14. Clear Zipper Pouch

Make your own clear zipper pouch for your diaper bag or purse. It’s so handy to be able to see everything in the bag at a glance! Plus, they’re pretty easy to make! This would be great for receipts, loose change, pens, etc. via Patchwork Posse


Not everyone is as excited about DIY as we are so we have found some really smart handbag organizers that are available and we love them…

Purse organizer ideas like tins, plastic covers for binkys cereal in a coffee mate container and a little portable need it kit
Let’s get that diaper bag organized!


Diaper bags are the worst for becoming cluttered messes. They may look cute on the outside, but the inside of my diaper bag looks like a tornado went through.

There are snacks stuffed in there, diapers, bags of clothes, plastic bags, Ziplocs, wipes, sanitizer, sunscreen, and more. 

It’s a task to find anything, I tell you what. However, these diaper bag organizer ideas will help out a lot! I can’t wait to try these organization hacks!


15. What To Pack In A Diaper Bag

First-time moms will find this diaper bag checklist helpful to know what to pack in a diaper bag. I had no idea I need some of those things in my diaper bag until I was caught without them! She also has some terrific organizing tips. via Laura’s Plans 

16. Diaper Bag Purse

Keep your own small mama bag inside your diaper bag to find your own things quickly. This diaper bag purse is great for things you may need like sunglasses, Chapstick, makeup, deodorant, etc. This is one of my favorite organization hacks because we often forget about ourselves! via Kid to Kid (no longer available)

17. Diaper Bag Organizer Pouches

Pencil pouches make great diaper bag organizers. You can easily fit an extra outfit for a small child in one of those, and if you have several small children, just color-code them! These diaper bag organizer pouches are also good for keeping together little snacks like granola bars, apple sauce pouches, and fruit snacks. via Glitter Inc

18. DIY Pacifier Holder

Keep pacifiers corralled in a baby food container. Love this so much! I love anything that lets me recycle and these are great because they keep your child’s pacifier clean rather than letting dust, baby power, or whatever else may be in your diaper bag touch it. via Frugal Fanatic 

19. Homemade Pacifier Holder

Small takeout containers for dips and condiments work too. Loving these homemade pacifier holder. it also keeps them clean and separated from the rest of the diaper bag. via Cynditha

diaper bag organizer with makeup bags, a basket, a strap, and a bag.
Let’s keep baby organized with a good diaper bag.

20. What Goes In A Diaper Bag?

What goes in a diaper bag? First time parent and not quite sure what exactly to store in your diaper bag? This helpful guide will have you covered! It will also teach you how to organize it. via A Mother Far From Home

21. Baby Emergency Kit

Keep a baby emergency kit in your vehicle to cut down on some of the bulk that you need in your diaper bag. Things like an extra blanket, a change of clothes for you, and a change of clothes for baby can stay in there. via Two Twenty One 

22. Coffee Creamer Container

Store snacks in old coffee creamer containers. They’re perfectly sized to fit into the bottle holders on your diaper bag when you no longer need bottles. I love this. You don’t have to worry about baggies or open bags of snacks. These spill proof snack holders are perfect. via Stock Piling Moms

23. Baby Kit

This restaurant kit for the baby is pure genius. You’ll have everything you need in this baby kit for a peaceful meal out (or as peaceful as it can be with kids). This includes stuff like small utensils, bibs, wipes, and coloring supplies. via Blue I Style Blog 

24. Baby Diaper Bag Organizer

If you like to keep things to a minimum in your diaper bag, you’ll love this diaper strap for keeping diapers and wipes cinched together. This is one of the better baby diaper bag organizer ideas because it keeps diapers, wipes, and pull-ups together in one spot. via Cally Cruze

25. Other Uses For Wipes Clutch

And once you no longer need your wipes clutch for baby wipes, here are 10 more ways to use it. Other uses for wipe clutches are: for plastic bags, crayons, money, hair bows, and more! Love it! via Practical Mommy


Obviously, you can grab any of the handbag organizers listed above for use in a diaper bag, but we have found some additional ways to make your diaper bag organizer do extra work. In general, a lot of the diaper bag organizer ideas are separate smaller zipper pouches which makes sense because you may be switching them back and forth between bags or refilling in the nursery. Here are a few of my favorites:

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Leave a comment – What are your best tips for a purse organizer or a bag organizer…or simply keeping things more organized!

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