24 Yummy Red White And Blue Dessert Recipes

These red white and blue desserts are perfect for Memorial Day, the 4th of July or if you need to take a dessert to a BBQ or a summer picnic, we have a bunch to choose from! These red, white, and blue desserts are sure to be a hit no matter where you go! The best part is, there are so many to choose from, so you’ll be able to find something that goes well after every meal.

Yummy patriotic desserts!

Easy Red White & Blue Patriotic Desserts

My family makes sure we take some time to enjoy these Patriotic holidays, especially since my family is filled with veterans and active military. So taking some time to remember and celebrate those who have served, gave all, and those who fought for us is very important to me.

Some of these patriotic desserts are perfect for munching on throughout the day as well! Everyone needs a sweet treat! Let us make things a little easier with this list of our favorite red white and blue desserts!

Festive and Patriotic Dessert Ideas

1. Fourth of July Cookies

Who doesn’t love Sugar Cookie Bars? I love these because sugar cookies are my favorite, and this is a much easier way to make them! Not to mention they’re super cute! This festive dessert is sure to be a hit.

2. Patriotic Snack Mix

If you’re in a hurry, this dessert from Love & Marriage is quick to make and is delicious! This patriotic snack mix is the perfect dessert or a nice treat before the meals. I usually leave out something people can just grab a handful of.

3. 4th of July Ice Cream

Make red, white, and blue ice cream to cool you down on the 4th of July, from Totally The Bomb. This 4th of July ice cream is perfect for any warm weather and a lot of fun to make as well.

4. Sweet Patriotic Treats

I love how cute these patriotic treats are. These delicious treats from Simplistically Living are totally cute and look just like little fireworks! I’m really impressed with how cute these are.

5. Red White and Blue Marshmallows

Patriotic Marshmallows are super easy to make and these look really cool and would be a fun treat to have the kids help make. These red white and blue marshmallows are perfect for patriotic treats or snacks!

6. Fourth Of July Popcorn

Sit back and watch the fireworks with this sweet 4th of July popcorn. You’ve got to see what the secret ingredient is in Foodie Fun‘s awesome recipe! 

Patriotic desserts with cake, parfait, marshmallows, cookie bars, and cupcakes.
These red white and blue desserts all look amazing!

Fourth of July Dessert Recipes

7. Red White And Blue Cake

This cake from Betty Crocker is so pretty, I almost don’t want to eat it! But it is the perfect red white and blue cake for any patriotic holiday.

8. Quick and Easy Red White and Blue Desserts

Looking for quick and easy red white and blue desserts? Then you’ll want to check out this festive take on shortcake from Two Sisters Crafting. It’s simple, sweet, and not too much. You can easily turn this into blue trifles if you wanted. The fresh berries are a nice touch.

9. Red White and Blue Cheesecake

This red white and blue cheesecake not only looks amazing, but it is also amazing. Three layers of cheesecake! Run to Recipe Girl for the recipe! Don’t worry, it’s a lot easier to make than it seems!

10. Patriotic Ice Cream Sandwiches

These Patriotic Ice Cream Sandwiches are a perfect way to cool off. This idea from Simplistically Living looks super easy to make, and kids will love them!

11. Fourth of July Cookies

These fourth of July cookies are super easy to make. My kids love these cookies, from Simply Gloria, and they’re really pretty, too! Nothing beats a simple sugar cookie. I love the white, red, and blue sprinkles.

12. Red White and Blue Pretzels

These red white and blue pretzels are my favorite. Catch My Party‘s sweet treat is a fun and festive holiday dessert. Plus, you can never go wrong with the sweet and salty combo!

13. Red White and Blue Cupcakes

Red White And Blue Cupcakes are a staple for any picnic! Popculture shows how to perfectly layer red, white, and blue for a beautiful cupcake. It may look like a complex dessert, but it is actually pretty simple to make. It would be even greater with a couple slices of fresh strawberries.

14. Fourth Of July Treats

I’ve actually made these 4th of July treats before, and they were a hit! Oreos dipped in chocolate and put on a stick–loving this delicious idea from Happiness is Homemade! This is a dessert even the kids could help make.

15. Red White And Blue Stuffed Strawberries

This dessert is perfect for your backyard barbecue. Don’t worry these red white and blue stuffed strawberries are easy to make. These patriotic berries, from Juggling Act Mama, are a healthy treat everyone loves!

red white and blue desserts like popsicles, sugar cookies, drinks, and rice krispy treats
That red white and blue drink looks super refreshing!

Memorial Day Desserts

How cute are these Fireworks Pudding Cookies? M&Ms and sprinkles both go in this awesome cookie recipe from Crazy for Crust. The cookies are so soft and moist, these are the best. Patriotic sprinkles and M&M’s are perfect for this easy recipe.

17. Fourth of July Rice Krispie Treats

Rice Krispies is an old favorite and an easy dessert! We love Blooming Homestead’s idea to color and layer your favorite Rice Krispie treat recipe with red and blue dye! These are great for any 4th of July celebrations, Fourth of July bbqs, or even a Memorial Day party.

18. Fourth of July Desserts No Bake

Going to Fourth of July celebrations? Gotta bring a dessert. We got you! Ever hear of No-Bake Cake Balls? Cake balls are the best and I love that these cake balls from Who Needs a Cape are no-bake. Who wants to stand in a hot kitchen during the summer?

19. Patriotic Dessert Recipes

Pretzel Bites are one of my favorite treats/snacks. This is a fun dessert to snack on and make, from Two Sisters Crafting. Plus, this is easiest enough for kids to make as well.

20. Fourth of July Punch

This 4th of July punch is perfect for the hot weather. This is such a fun holiday drink for the kiddos, from Mom Endeavors! It’s sweet and cold, perfect!

21. Fourth of July Popsicles

Stagetecture‘s Popsicles are the best on a super hot 4th of July! These 4th of July popsicles are cold, sweet, fruity, and perfect for any Patriotic holiday.

22. Patriotic Zebra Cakes

Zebra Cakes – YUM. These Zebra cakes are from Restless Chipotle are just like Little Debbie’s version only WAY tastier! Plus, you can decorate them in red white, and blue, making them perfect for Memorial Day, 4th of July, or Veterans Day.

Patriotic desserts that look red white and blue like cookie pops and patriotic puppy chow.
Look how cute the Oreo pops are!

Easy Patriotic Sweet Treats

23. Fourth of July Jell-O Fruit Cups

Jello Cups are kind of a picnic staple. But these ones are topped with fresh fruit, these Jello cups from The First Year are so good! Plus, great if you’re trying to be healthy as cool whip and Jello are both low-calorie.

24. Patriotic Confetti Bundt Cake

Everyone will love this Patriotic Confetti Bundt cake. Top it with icing and fruit to wow everyone with this yummy treat from My Food and Family,

25. Red White and Blue Milkshake

This Red White and Blue Milkshake are so yummy! I love a good homemade milkshake, like this one from Pint-Sized Baker. Top it with whipped cream and lots and sprinkles and you’re ready to go.

26. Patriotic Cake

This Patriotic cake is just a simple layered cake. A red white and blue cake that everyone will love. Check out the recipe over one of Three Different Directions. Sometimes simple is better.

27. Patriotic Fudge

This is one of the easiest fudge recipes ever, and is so colorful and fun, from Chica Circle. It is patriotic and I love that she used a cookie cutter to cut the fudge pieces out in the shape of stars! I think it is super cute.

5 Red, White, and Blue Patriotic Treats!
More sweets, more fun!

More Ways to Celebrate the Fourth of July

Need more Patriotic ideas to celebrate the Fourth of July, Memorial Day, or Veterans Day? We have them!

What is your family’s favorite patriotic treat? Comment below! 

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